Tuesday, October 19, 2004

pretend that nothing ever happened

It's that British cold and cruel rainy weather that produces that stiff upper lip don't say boo to a goose devil may care attitude that I am utterly lacking right now. I just want to turn around three times like a very cute kitten and with the light pitter patter of raindrops on roses, nestle to sleep. Nestle, I tell you. Don't put that long E on the end of that and make this cosy image into a chocolate. I'm not in control of your weight. You are. (Sorry, I caught some of that show, "The Biggest Loser," or something inane like that before Scrubs. They lose weight to win. And goddammit, those Law & Order thingies, no matter what kind, can suck you in if you start watching.)

I'm feeling like a duskily blue. Also I'm listening to Cat Power and Elliot Smith. A correlation of sorts like a rolling moss gathers no stones. Today is messy metaphors, adages askew, and idiotic idioms for dessert.

"It's true I do imbue my blue unto myself I make it bitter." One of my fave Fiona Apple lyrics. Man, she's way overdue.

What was I even updating about anyways? I mean, what can YOU do for ME? (Hold on, can I call you back? I'm singing the Anthem of the Selfish.) You can't bake me york-brownies, you can't make the work week 20 hours, you can't put together two index fingers and stop time so I can take 24 hour nap, can you? (Gah. What was that show called??) Nestleeeeeeeeeeee

Oh yes. One thing I did do yesterday was watch Tarnation with YP. It was kinda intense and made me feel like I have an utterly noneventful life and grateful at that, to be a wallflower, never having had joints laced with pcp and dipped in formaldehyde. Now, there's your antidrug. Otherwise, too tired (imbuing blue, making it bitter, etc) to comment. trailer

Well, also I kept thinking that the filmmaker's last name Caouette had an equivalent in French, like cashew. But no. Cashew in French is anarcadier. Couette, however, does mean "feather bed."

Here's a random EITS track from how strange, innocence (2000):
Remember Me as a Time of Day
I Heart them.

And welcome back the sassy Miss Modern Age back to the bloggy fray. Years, years ago, in early 2002, I discovered this newfangled notion of music blogging chez elle and marvelled at the verdana words.

Look at how many words I can get in when I'm trying to procastinate! Such a long entry! So little substance!

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