Sunday, October 17, 2004

no place like home

Man, I've been updating a lot about music, but c'est la vie .. at least this past week .. soo... c'est la week. La semaine, right? All those years of French, blown away with the grenouille. And how is your watermelon? Now I feel stoopid.

Anyways, this li'l tidbit goes out to Adem. They opened for one of my favorite bands, Explosions in the Sky always puts on an awesome live show; they make sublime, intense instrumental rock-ish music. That sounds like a ridiculous string of genre -- instrumental rock. Reeks a little of folkish elvish moon rock.

Adem opened for the both times I saw EITS, and then I went to a KEXP live broadcast set as well. (Free=Best). I've been on a kind of mellow kick in terms of music lately, so Adem has joined that starry acoustic-y mellowdom. He makes some lovely quiet and warm, almost folky music, with lovely instrumentation. Stuff that he found at flea markets and such. A thing called an autoharp, a harmonium, and a round thing of bell thingies that can only translate into whimsy and charm. Sometimes the percussion will be somebody rattling his pocket full of change. If you haven't noticed, I can't tell whether I should refer to Adem as a collective band or the guy, Adem, who made the songs.

Adem's music is best set for intimate spaces, meaning sometimes live the slower songs tend to bog down a little, but they always sounds great when everybody in the band sings harmony (awwww acappella memories). I could not help liking the banter between the members, as they are British and exude that offhand sort of charm. These guys seem cool guys to a hang out with, have a beer, and then they'd make music for you, she said, living in her head and ignoring all reality and the fact that she doesn't really know anything about these people except that they play the autoharp.

Other fun fact, Adem is bandmates in Fridge with Four Tet's Kieren Hebden. The CD, Homesongs was recorded in a living room or something cosy like that. They continue to tour with Explosions and then mosey around the States later on with Badly Drawn Boy.

Check some tracks out:

two here

two more here

and PS, no not the kind where Columbia student sleeps with Laura Linney: if you are a college acappella fan and know a thing or two about nonsensical syllables like "doo" and "bah" and "chuh" and "dow", check out Milkpan's radio show today at 7pm.

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