Sunday, October 17, 2004

korean rage

Did somebody say, "Korean rage"??? Is my mom around here with her illusions of her daughter's new professional degree and many figured salary and doctor husband prospects? Nooooo.

Get out your markers and gold stars and make an X on the vast wasteland in Asian (American) Actor-land. (Hey that includes Canada too.) Sandra Oh stars in the movie, Sideways, which is a wine buddy movie? Something like that. I remember seeing the preview for this before Garden State and getting confused. Who's that lady? She looks Asian. Oh? That's Korean! What's going on here? Was Lucy Liu too busy? I'm soooo confused. Do you sing K-pop songs?? *kekeke*

NYT talks talks to Sandra Oh, sprinkler of expletives. Yayyy expletives! It's interesting that she claims that the roles are better on TV, which now that I think about it, could make sense. There's the whole time factor, which gives a character more time to flesh out, rather than play to an ethnic or racial stereotype. Still, it seems pretty bleak either way. (Hey, Zach, where are all the Asian doctor/interns on Scrubs??? Even ER has Ming-Na..... Is that a good thing? ponder ponder)

Oh, on Margaret Cho: "Koreans didn't support her because of their own [expletive] bias, what's the word, something -ist, not racist but just that [expletive] where they only want Asian stars who look like [expletive] Asian kewpie dolls."
Yeah! Fuck kewpie! What the hell is kewpie?? Kidding. Just a word I think is kinda dated and only now used disparagingly. Actually, maybe it's code for... Korean Power!!! Wowowowowowow (korean power sound effects) stars shooting ***** Except... what happened to M-Cho? Why so skinny? Nobody really knows. Ok, I don't really care that much, despite previous mentions of her in cette site, but recent pics of her are jarring.

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