Thursday, October 28, 2004

dial Q for Quirky

Listen to Regina Spektor's appearance on WNYC not too long ago. Host, John Schaefer, seemed delighted with her real quirkiness, as opposed to the stick-on label. Also, if I didn't like her songs so much, I would think her way of speaking was that kind of cutesy-irritating. But she seemed super nice and sang some of her songs. My command of English is so brilliantine. Shimmering intelligence: it's all a fa�e.

She's one of those performers who I have managed to miss because of scheduling and retardedness, after hearing her first open for The Strokes at a concert in Atlanta. She played some shows during CMJ and is currently on tour in Europe, whose inhabitants want us to vote more than we do.

Previous post on Regina Spektor which includes some links to songs and stuff. Her latest album, Soviet Kitsch, is available in various formats. Imagine the link and then go there.

One of her bestest songs is "Braille" off of 11:11, her first release. If you can find a version of it on the thready spider webs of yonder, I'll buy you lunch.

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