Saturday, October 16, 2004

careless love

Now I feel all wonky. My nose, it makes the sound 'Honk' 'ksshh sniffle' and my head it says, shut up and go to sleep. I hope it's not the flu, because I'll fly the coop, the coup. I could blame not making sense on something else but why try?

Another impulse-ish buy at Tower last week was Madeleine Peyroux's recent album Careless Love. There was some confusion because I didn't realize I had to go to the jazz section (growing out of narrow minds, the mold of ignorance is actually an antibiotic. Don't mind my lack of mind filter, driving me to make medical refrigerator poetry..) Anyways, if Norah Jones is in the "popular" section, why can't Madeleine Peyroux too?

I was driven to buy the album b/c 1: I had dl-ed an mp3 of her cover of Elliot Smith's "Between the Bars" which is absolutely lovely, from where I do not recall, fluxblog perhaps? and 2: what more to perk up a workday than a new CD? (#2 will ironically become demise of monetary savings -- do I hear the violent knocking of student loans at my poorly-constructed door???)

Comparisons to the ubiquitous Norah Jones may abound -- she did make a song with Jesse Harris of the Jones camp. Peyroux has that I-embody-smokey-jazz voice with fans/listeners buzzing about the similarity to Billie Holiday's. The voice definitely does have an almost anachronistic quality.

Listen to her appearance on WNYC's Soundcheck back in September.

Free download of "Don't Wait Too Long" at Salon. I hadn't read Salon in years b/c I got scared away by their frightening ($) membership requirements. Little did I realize the beauty of the free day pass. This same Salon article also reviews the disappointing brilliance of Bj�and mentions everybody's new favorite band even with the hype -- Arcade Fire!!

Still haven't painted my room yet. Might opt for a deep, warm yellow instead of cool pale green. Thoughts? I also haven't read in ages... but you, surely you have read some good words... Do share.

Ok, time to zonk out with some PM cold medicine. zonk zonk.

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