Friday, October 15, 2004

arcade fire - my antidrug


I don't need to be thinner. I don't need a boyfriend. I don't need drugs. I don't need to be fitter. Because to be happier, alls I need is a dosage of Arcade Fire. I managed to squeeze into a full house (room) at the Museum of Television of Radio for a live set broadcasted over the most excellent KEXP Seattle, all part of the craziness that is the CMJ Music Festival.

Seriously, this day will stand out in my memories as one of the best days ever. (This was also helped by the company of friends and a fanastic burger and fries and butterscotch pudding dinner at Sweetwater.) But I came out of that set giddy. And it wasn't a specific giddy - like I got my dream job, I'm in love, I won the lottery giddy. It was just this wonderful general emotion. And that's mighty difficult to accomplish. It takes a lot to strip a person down (whoa there, not like that!) to just a listener so simply. The Arcade Fire, live, is just pure exuberance, intensity and joy that the album, Funeral, captures only a part. I was crossing Sixth Ave and almost got run over and would have died with a smile. And that would've been, somehow, fitting.

Far from being some sort of inane, relentless cheer, their music is like a wise child. Wonder and bitterness weave through bells and charm and simple rocking out and hitting drumsticks, your hands on any surface available. Dammit, they have a violin and an accordian and it WORKS! Making music that takes you to a sadder, melancholy edge is easier. But this is more complex. It takes a lot for me to get so emotionally positive, so energetic, and ready to take on life to make it better, fuller. If only they could play for me every morning!

Music is so hard to word-ize about. Can I just transfer this feeling to you? Ok ready? Download this feeling. Hahaha. That'll become a new jazz standard "Downloadable Feeling" and put as an extra track to the special edition "I know kung fu" Matrix DVD set. Digressions....
So: Listen. Look. Scream. Jump. Sing. Cry. Verb. Hahahahahaha. Get their album. Go to their shows.

Stream songs

Wake Up mp3

KEXP live broadcast. Archived audio - fill in: October 14. 5:07ish pm.

YP, as always, has awesome pics, plus this great reaction from KEXP's DJ Kevin Cole being blown away at the first song.

Jinners also has great pics from the CMJ Merge showcase where they headlined (Oct 14 entry). Yes, they need those helmets... Safety first. Dirty on Purpose opens for them in November at Bowery.

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