Friday, October 29, 2004


And what happens when Kerry and W. become Sims characters? See for yourself!. Lots of drama, not to mention making out, to be had, that's for sure!! (via leah.)

Count those electoral votes while you can like clipping coupons. No.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

you're the google to my search

It's that time of the month again. The less bitchy one. How do poor, unsuspecting people mistakenly stumble onto this site? Let's take a peek, shall we? I actually just do this to practice typing because clearly, I should have gone to sleep two hours ago...

Ashlee Simpson new song You won't find it here, my friend. You might be able to hear a recording of it while she has some other ailment like hangnails or the technical term, 'owies.'

the arts of escaping Ah, I owe so much to the great Harry. If only he could have taught me the arts of escaping from the box and chains of myself.

how to escaping Please look up difference between infinitive and gerund. And then tell me.... Fob. I lash out at others to make myself feel better, biyaatch!

I wish I had a sibling .... Well. I do too. For my next number, I'll sing my hit single, "The Only Child Blues"

madeleine peyroux between the bars mp3 Love this cover. Buy the album.

What does the Vote or Die slogan mean? Heehee. Good question.

Hm. No real crazies this time eh?

dial Q for Quirky

Listen to Regina Spektor's appearance on WNYC not too long ago. Host, John Schaefer, seemed delighted with her real quirkiness, as opposed to the stick-on label. Also, if I didn't like her songs so much, I would think her way of speaking was that kind of cutesy-irritating. But she seemed super nice and sang some of her songs. My command of English is so brilliantine. Shimmering intelligence: it's all a fa�e.

She's one of those performers who I have managed to miss because of scheduling and retardedness, after hearing her first open for The Strokes at a concert in Atlanta. She played some shows during CMJ and is currently on tour in Europe, whose inhabitants want us to vote more than we do.

Previous post on Regina Spektor which includes some links to songs and stuff. Her latest album, Soviet Kitsch, is available in various formats. Imagine the link and then go there.

One of her bestest songs is "Braille" off of 11:11, her first release. If you can find a version of it on the thready spider webs of yonder, I'll buy you lunch.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Sea Thai - pretty and yummy. pretty yummy.

Went to Sea Thai on Saturday for lunch with ActressKC. It has won a spot in my heart -- fine, ok -- stomach. Stomach? Party of One? So romantic. I really should get to bed. I remember walking by Sea whenever I went to see concerts at Northsix and would scoff (jealously) at the trendy blue glow that emitted from the windows. The decor is definitely fabulous, almost too hip because I had way too much trouble trying to figure out how the sink worked. We want to make the hygienic processes as easy as possible, no?

But, I conquered my blue-glow fears when I learned about the low low low prices. The dishes are not just pretty, there's brain under that blonde! Or more sensically, the food is pretty damn good, suffering nothing for the price. We shared some puffy puffs or curry puffs or some Thai version of a samosa doodads as an appetizer. I had a dish with my favorites things that deserve to be in a song waaaaaay more than brown paper packages tied up with string -- curry with peanut stuff. KC went for the staple food, Pad Thai. Such a staple that I used capital letters.

I also learned recently that this is the restaurant in the beginning part of Garden State. Sadly, Zach Braff was not around to notice what a cool friend I'd be. (Honestly, I think my entries are getting pathetic-er and how!)

Zach Braff was a waiter before his acting took off zoooom!

Awwww, we Dukies all need to rant a little about something. Of course you're entitled to some Garden State hatin' and I do agree with some points made here, but the piece came off rather shrill. Did I like the movie more because I have this almost shameful thing called jersey pride? Yes. Did the writer have to stick in a definite article "the" before the title of the movie so that she insulted a whole, belligerent-peopled state? No.

But I learned some things. I guess the lesson is, if you are introduced to cool music by a movie soundtrack, you're not allowed to listen to it and enjoy. And then also, be really careful about definite articles. Good night.

rambling row

I'm no snob. It's not like some poor blokes don't need money. The Walkmen need to eat too. Modest Mouse shouldn't have to stay modest forever. But I'm still sometimes taken aback when so-called indie is put in the poppy context. This comes up often in clothing stores. Like the time I heard Interpol at American Eagle way before they were 'in' (braaaaag) and the first cd price climbed back up to $13.99. I shall describe, through my lonely tears, two instances where this has happened recently, because really, I don't have anything going in on my life.

I heard "Mushaboom" by Leslie Feist of the Broken Social Scene collective at Gap, returning a scarf I plainly just didn't need. I do like my neckwear though. Trendy AND functional. What's not to like? Anyways, I don't think it was the album version, but her mellifluous voice did improve my farewall to scarf experience.

I love the acoustic demo of this song, so much that I can't find it [sad face]. That one was all melancholy and wistful while the album version, also lovely, is whimsy and buttercups and includes some "shboomp shboomp"s (you could turn it into a mellow drinking game and drink a shot on every shboomp... but watch out towards the end! Don't get messy!).
the video (scroll to bottom)

Mushaboom Right click save away.

I'm hungry.

Also heard clips of explosions for the trailer of a Billy Bob Thornton movie, Friday Night Lights, on TV. It was kinda like seeing somebody you know in a play or hearing them on the radio or something for the first time as an actor or a dj. Context, I think this issue is called. So apparently, EITS pretty much scored the movie, working off of old stuff to create something new. That could've been pun-worthy, as it's about football, but are puns ever funny? Ok no, I just watched Conan's 10th Anniversary special and there was this joke/pun that still makes me giggle. (the SECRETS segment: Snoop Dogg saying if he ever left rap to open an ice cream shop, he would become Scoop Dogg. Heeheee)

Drummer, Chris Hrasky, mentions the soundtrack work, in this interview.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

vote or die

Vote or Die! ... Perhaps the worst slogan ever.

Better idea:

Get Off the Internet and Vote

pretend that nothing ever happened

It's that British cold and cruel rainy weather that produces that stiff upper lip don't say boo to a goose devil may care attitude that I am utterly lacking right now. I just want to turn around three times like a very cute kitten and with the light pitter patter of raindrops on roses, nestle to sleep. Nestle, I tell you. Don't put that long E on the end of that and make this cosy image into a chocolate. I'm not in control of your weight. You are. (Sorry, I caught some of that show, "The Biggest Loser," or something inane like that before Scrubs. They lose weight to win. And goddammit, those Law & Order thingies, no matter what kind, can suck you in if you start watching.)

I'm feeling like a duskily blue. Also I'm listening to Cat Power and Elliot Smith. A correlation of sorts like a rolling moss gathers no stones. Today is messy metaphors, adages askew, and idiotic idioms for dessert.

"It's true I do imbue my blue unto myself I make it bitter." One of my fave Fiona Apple lyrics. Man, she's way overdue.

What was I even updating about anyways? I mean, what can YOU do for ME? (Hold on, can I call you back? I'm singing the Anthem of the Selfish.) You can't bake me york-brownies, you can't make the work week 20 hours, you can't put together two index fingers and stop time so I can take 24 hour nap, can you? (Gah. What was that show called??) Nestleeeeeeeeeeee

Oh yes. One thing I did do yesterday was watch Tarnation with YP. It was kinda intense and made me feel like I have an utterly noneventful life and grateful at that, to be a wallflower, never having had joints laced with pcp and dipped in formaldehyde. Now, there's your antidrug. Otherwise, too tired (imbuing blue, making it bitter, etc) to comment. trailer

Well, also I kept thinking that the filmmaker's last name Caouette had an equivalent in French, like cashew. But no. Cashew in French is anarcadier. Couette, however, does mean "feather bed."

Here's a random EITS track from how strange, innocence (2000):
Remember Me as a Time of Day
I Heart them.

And welcome back the sassy Miss Modern Age back to the bloggy fray. Years, years ago, in early 2002, I discovered this newfangled notion of music blogging chez elle and marvelled at the verdana words.

Look at how many words I can get in when I'm trying to procastinate! Such a long entry! So little substance!

Sunday, October 17, 2004

no place like home

Man, I've been updating a lot about music, but c'est la vie .. at least this past week .. soo... c'est la week. La semaine, right? All those years of French, blown away with the grenouille. And how is your watermelon? Now I feel stoopid.

Anyways, this li'l tidbit goes out to Adem. They opened for one of my favorite bands, Explosions in the Sky always puts on an awesome live show; they make sublime, intense instrumental rock-ish music. That sounds like a ridiculous string of genre -- instrumental rock. Reeks a little of folkish elvish moon rock.

Adem opened for the both times I saw EITS, and then I went to a KEXP live broadcast set as well. (Free=Best). I've been on a kind of mellow kick in terms of music lately, so Adem has joined that starry acoustic-y mellowdom. He makes some lovely quiet and warm, almost folky music, with lovely instrumentation. Stuff that he found at flea markets and such. A thing called an autoharp, a harmonium, and a round thing of bell thingies that can only translate into whimsy and charm. Sometimes the percussion will be somebody rattling his pocket full of change. If you haven't noticed, I can't tell whether I should refer to Adem as a collective band or the guy, Adem, who made the songs.

Adem's music is best set for intimate spaces, meaning sometimes live the slower songs tend to bog down a little, but they always sounds great when everybody in the band sings harmony (awwww acappella memories). I could not help liking the banter between the members, as they are British and exude that offhand sort of charm. These guys seem cool guys to a hang out with, have a beer, and then they'd make music for you, she said, living in her head and ignoring all reality and the fact that she doesn't really know anything about these people except that they play the autoharp.

Other fun fact, Adem is bandmates in Fridge with Four Tet's Kieren Hebden. The CD, Homesongs was recorded in a living room or something cosy like that. They continue to tour with Explosions and then mosey around the States later on with Badly Drawn Boy.

Check some tracks out:

two here

two more here

and PS, no not the kind where Columbia student sleeps with Laura Linney: if you are a college acappella fan and know a thing or two about nonsensical syllables like "doo" and "bah" and "chuh" and "dow", check out Milkpan's radio show today at 7pm.

korean rage

Did somebody say, "Korean rage"??? Is my mom around here with her illusions of her daughter's new professional degree and many figured salary and doctor husband prospects? Nooooo.

Get out your markers and gold stars and make an X on the vast wasteland in Asian (American) Actor-land. (Hey that includes Canada too.) Sandra Oh stars in the movie, Sideways, which is a wine buddy movie? Something like that. I remember seeing the preview for this before Garden State and getting confused. Who's that lady? She looks Asian. Oh? That's Korean! What's going on here? Was Lucy Liu too busy? I'm soooo confused. Do you sing K-pop songs?? *kekeke*

NYT talks talks to Sandra Oh, sprinkler of expletives. Yayyy expletives! It's interesting that she claims that the roles are better on TV, which now that I think about it, could make sense. There's the whole time factor, which gives a character more time to flesh out, rather than play to an ethnic or racial stereotype. Still, it seems pretty bleak either way. (Hey, Zach, where are all the Asian doctor/interns on Scrubs??? Even ER has Ming-Na..... Is that a good thing? ponder ponder)

Oh, on Margaret Cho: "Koreans didn't support her because of their own [expletive] bias, what's the word, something -ist, not racist but just that [expletive] where they only want Asian stars who look like [expletive] Asian kewpie dolls."
Yeah! Fuck kewpie! What the hell is kewpie?? Kidding. Just a word I think is kinda dated and only now used disparagingly. Actually, maybe it's code for... Korean Power!!! Wowowowowowow (korean power sound effects) stars shooting ***** Except... what happened to M-Cho? Why so skinny? Nobody really knows. Ok, I don't really care that much, despite previous mentions of her in cette site, but recent pics of her are jarring.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

careless love

Now I feel all wonky. My nose, it makes the sound 'Honk' 'ksshh sniffle' and my head it says, shut up and go to sleep. I hope it's not the flu, because I'll fly the coop, the coup. I could blame not making sense on something else but why try?

Another impulse-ish buy at Tower last week was Madeleine Peyroux's recent album Careless Love. There was some confusion because I didn't realize I had to go to the jazz section (growing out of narrow minds, the mold of ignorance is actually an antibiotic. Don't mind my lack of mind filter, driving me to make medical refrigerator poetry..) Anyways, if Norah Jones is in the "popular" section, why can't Madeleine Peyroux too?

I was driven to buy the album b/c 1: I had dl-ed an mp3 of her cover of Elliot Smith's "Between the Bars" which is absolutely lovely, from where I do not recall, fluxblog perhaps? and 2: what more to perk up a workday than a new CD? (#2 will ironically become demise of monetary savings -- do I hear the violent knocking of student loans at my poorly-constructed door???)

Comparisons to the ubiquitous Norah Jones may abound -- she did make a song with Jesse Harris of the Jones camp. Peyroux has that I-embody-smokey-jazz voice with fans/listeners buzzing about the similarity to Billie Holiday's. The voice definitely does have an almost anachronistic quality.

Listen to her appearance on WNYC's Soundcheck back in September.

Free download of "Don't Wait Too Long" at Salon. I hadn't read Salon in years b/c I got scared away by their frightening ($) membership requirements. Little did I realize the beauty of the free day pass. This same Salon article also reviews the disappointing brilliance of Bj�and mentions everybody's new favorite band even with the hype -- Arcade Fire!!

Still haven't painted my room yet. Might opt for a deep, warm yellow instead of cool pale green. Thoughts? I also haven't read in ages... but you, surely you have read some good words... Do share.

Ok, time to zonk out with some PM cold medicine. zonk zonk.

Friday, October 15, 2004

arcade fire - my antidrug


I don't need to be thinner. I don't need a boyfriend. I don't need drugs. I don't need to be fitter. Because to be happier, alls I need is a dosage of Arcade Fire. I managed to squeeze into a full house (room) at the Museum of Television of Radio for a live set broadcasted over the most excellent KEXP Seattle, all part of the craziness that is the CMJ Music Festival.

Seriously, this day will stand out in my memories as one of the best days ever. (This was also helped by the company of friends and a fanastic burger and fries and butterscotch pudding dinner at Sweetwater.) But I came out of that set giddy. And it wasn't a specific giddy - like I got my dream job, I'm in love, I won the lottery giddy. It was just this wonderful general emotion. And that's mighty difficult to accomplish. It takes a lot to strip a person down (whoa there, not like that!) to just a listener so simply. The Arcade Fire, live, is just pure exuberance, intensity and joy that the album, Funeral, captures only a part. I was crossing Sixth Ave and almost got run over and would have died with a smile. And that would've been, somehow, fitting.

Far from being some sort of inane, relentless cheer, their music is like a wise child. Wonder and bitterness weave through bells and charm and simple rocking out and hitting drumsticks, your hands on any surface available. Dammit, they have a violin and an accordian and it WORKS! Making music that takes you to a sadder, melancholy edge is easier. But this is more complex. It takes a lot for me to get so emotionally positive, so energetic, and ready to take on life to make it better, fuller. If only they could play for me every morning!

Music is so hard to word-ize about. Can I just transfer this feeling to you? Ok ready? Download this feeling. Hahaha. That'll become a new jazz standard "Downloadable Feeling" and put as an extra track to the special edition "I know kung fu" Matrix DVD set. Digressions....
So: Listen. Look. Scream. Jump. Sing. Cry. Verb. Hahahahahaha. Get their album. Go to their shows.

Stream songs

Wake Up mp3

KEXP live broadcast. Archived audio - fill in: October 14. 5:07ish pm.

YP, as always, has awesome pics, plus this great reaction from KEXP's DJ Kevin Cole being blown away at the first song.

Jinners also has great pics from the CMJ Merge showcase where they headlined (Oct 14 entry). Yes, they need those helmets... Safety first. Dirty on Purpose opens for them in November at Bowery.