Monday, September 06, 2004

Not an original thought in me

Well, there goes my stab at creation... this guy has beat me to the phrase "escaping words" by a couple of years in poem form. Now, he may be a sweater-vest? wearing angry writing snowman, but I'm just ... no, I'm not going to try to compete with that. (limply) I just don't have it in me. His poem is "about the compulsion to write." What I thought previously and naively a unique turn of word usage is supposed to mean that my words here have escaped from my brain filter. Therefore, there is no guarantee that they will be any good. Or that I am trying to catch the ones that are good and meaningful. Less so the latter situation. See, I'm not making sense already.

Dammit, why can't I just be Bj�and be all inventive and quirky-insane and an Icelandic pixie? I'm sure that would solve all my problems. I would say a bunch of words and it would be lauded poetry and song. And I'd have an umlaut in my name. J�t. Umlauts. The Quicker Fixer Upper.

Hhhhrrmmmm. So what's up?
Oh, not much.
That's cool.
Well, I gotta go.
Ok, bye.

Sorry, I was just practicing being inane. One small letter away from in�. Hehehehehe. Too much fun.

Sighs. Well, it was nice being able to sleep in. Here's some interesting, not-very-enlightening reading...

Ehee ... Literary doping makes me feel better about my unproductivity in regards to writing. "I would explain my high productivity by my desperate loneliness and my pathetic sadness that causes me work to extreme lengths to fill the hollow void that is my life."
I just use TV and sleep and cookies. Cookies are good for the void.

Okay, liberals. The answer to winning elections is the opposite of eating babies!!!! Now go procreate!

The field of philosophy is more like soft-rock'n'roll, then regular. Is popular philosophy possible? I'm kinda curious about these books that are mentioned. Not that I've gotten through and taken in any "primary text" philosophy of late besides some Plato and that was during school ... maybe I'll check some of those "bite size" phil books out after/if I finish Brothers Karamazov. Or maybe, like, I'll do my nails. *giggles*

Saved the best for last!!!! Cello is the new punk!!!
This article has shown me how the addition of "cello" to any word usually will make it funny. "cello revolution" What is "straight cello rock"?? The whole idea just doesn't sound very good. Like cellos should. But who knows.

Jump, Little Children is one of my fav bands w/ a cello, though cello-rock it is not. I haven't been keeping up with them lately. I hope they don't suck.

Whoooo, this was a long entry. Even though it was all links. The highlight of my weekend was hearing "Bohemian Rhapsody" as piano-muzak at Nordstroms. Man, that guy played well...I'll remember him forever. Rock on!

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