Tuesday, September 21, 2004

no visitors EVER

Well, I finally won that game where you look for a month and a half for a decent place to live with non-insane, non-dirty, non-stupid people. Wheeee!! I think I made the right decision in turning down the place with the girl who said, "You can't have visitors ever." It was the "ever" that got to me, not the scary shrunken heads. Anyways, this is a hard game, I've decided, not for novices. Beginners can start easy with things that can't consciously (though perhaps karma-tically) reject you... like what to order at a diner when you don't feel like fries or pancakes. Then, slam a door repeatedly on your fingers as well as your eyeballs. And then maybe you'll be ready for the pain.

So yay. I move in in the beginning of October, with the tantalizing-at-least-for-now possibility of decorating and arranging and the like of my not very big, cosy room. At least for the next six months, I will not have a tortured and hatefully consuming relationship with Craigslist. And maybe during that time, people will learn how to spell easy words.

Speaking of spelling, somebody stumbled onto this site looking for zacuzi. (For a moment, I got paranoid and thought it was maybe some actual word. But no, it isn't.) I think if you own a jacuzzi and you are renting out your place, you should be able to spell it. If not, give me money or chocolate.

    Other interesting search phrases:
  • listen to Ashlee Simpson turn on the radio? don't come here

  • zach braff ethnicity -- Well, he just seems ... white to me. New Jerseyan? Ok, that's enough. He continues to be funny. May he continue the never-noble quest of blogging. Some of the comments are creepy, as fans can be. And then I get creeped out that I am spending time reading comments for a celeb's blog. And a lot of them don't spell correctly either. I really didn't realize this was such a rampant issue. Like pillaging.

  • Music and words to thank a mother Yeah. I got lots of those. It's okay Yahoo; your search engine is fabulous, life is fabulous, those shoes, fabulous!

  • web I almost don't know what to say. Post-modern?

Sigh. You're still here. Amazing.

Yesterday night was opening night at the Met. I was hanging out by the Lincoln Center fountain after work (that's where all the cool kids go. I was, like, waiting for Robbie to pass by. He, like, totally asked me to borrow a pen in Trig today. And I was like soooo squeeeeal!!) ... .. . to enjoy lovely weather and that chlorine smell. There were all these elderly people, making their way to the opera house, all decked out in finery. It was entertaining for about 5 minutes, like the Emmys. Oh who am I kidding. I teared up at that stupid last-show-montage and that stupid Sarah Jessica Parker speech. Stupid.

And then I bid my new bronze friends goodbye and skipped off on the path (metaphorical. Not actual capitalized transit system) to golden New Jersey. My "new friends" are part of a public art thingy going on for a few months all over La Grande Pomme, whimsical bronze sculptures by Tom Otterness, whose work you have probably encountered if you ever take the L train at 8th Ave.

Mmmm. Fries and pancakes....

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