Sunday, September 05, 2004

mother embraces technology

That's right, folks. My mother, who isn't exactly a Luddite, but might as well be ... (we just got a microwave like two years ago.... and an old, donated one at that) ... got her first cellphone. *teenage squeeeeal!*

Before she's all txt-messaging her friends about that hot guy at the korean video store and saying stuff like lol, fo shizzle, and r u in luv??, she's gotta figure out how to dial numbers and answer the phone. Despite many tutorials, she hasn't gotten it all down yet. In the beginning, I programmed my work # in as speed dial 3. Thus, all functions of the cell phone became "press #3?" "No Mom, you can't do anything with 3. No, when you want to pick something, press the big OK button in the center of the arrows. Oh, just give me that."

Today, I took a shower and found her waiting in my room, asking about voicemail. I proceed to tell her how it works. "Mom, can I um... finish getting changed?" "Okay... (pause) ... can you call my phone and leave message?"

So now, as Wan's mom has so aptly put it, my mother has a direct remote control to me at all times.

Did my sanity mention that I need to move? She's on top of things. Those sane ones, ha!

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Mungowitz said...

As an old person myself, I'd like to defend your mom. But I can't figure out how to make my own cellphone switch to vibrate, so I have to have my son do it. If he is not around, I just turn it off.
and...what is the point of that? An "off" cell phone is like carrying around a smooth rock, only more expensive.
Maybe we should start a support group. "People who can't use electronics without buggin' the snot out of their children."