Monday, September 27, 2004

lingonberry color swatches to the beat

Well, I went to Ikea this weekend with my momz and got some things with umlauts in their names and made out of all-natural particleboard. She got all whiney, so we had to go home without any lingonberry ice cream.

I'm worried about the color coordination of my new room. So worried that I spent far too long looking at how to make little boxes of color to show you kind people who have better things to do than online interior design. My coding skills are far from wizardry levels, though I am late for the Quidditch match. Har har. I can hear the staleness of the air.....Anyways, I think I'm borrowing my friend's maroon carpet and painting the walls a light apple green.
Obviously I didn't figure out how to make little boxes w/o using a graphics program. Poo-Poo to you too. What do you think? Total crap (poo-poo?) or go with the color called "Sweatshirt Gray"?

I'll be moving in this Saturday (eeee!), but I'll still be coming home every Sunday to tutor -- it brings the crackly under-the-table bacon. I actually just make the kids clean the bacon grease off the kitchen floors for an hour. So I'll be shuttling back from home to home, such a difficult thing, being a single parent of none. The things we do! Upside: I get to eat home-cookin' and say: "My home, well, one of my homes." but in an un-snotty way.

    Other points:
  • This is one reason why moving is thumbs-up. Luckily, I got home at a reasonable hour. Beastie Boys should make another song called "An Open Letter to NJ Transit." The chorus can include your favorite stops --

    Elizabeth, Newark, Metropark and Linden
    From the capital to the suburb of Edison
    Asian, Middle-Eastern and Latin
    Black, White, Transit you make it happen

  • Yay Conan! Hope there's still room for silly at 11:30... You deserve it cuz you're way funnier than Leno, and you can hear this right now, just like all my other celebrity friends! Ooooeeeooooo!

  • Chapter one excerpt from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents America (The Book) by Jon Stewart and The Writers of The Daily Show. It seriously only gets better from here: Vomitoriums aside, Rome's biggest contribution to American government was probably its legal system, which codified key concepts like equal protection, "innocent until proven guilty," and the right to confront one's accusers. These very same issues would later form the basis of both the Bill of Rights and a mind-numbing quantity of Law and Order scripts.



mosh said...

Little colored boxes can be had by making a table with table cells, with background colors. Rats. Tried to type the HTML but I think comments don't accept it. Anywho. I'm a lameass, but I also have new Ikea curtains. Ikea whore.

Matthew said...

Shout out to Metropark!

Roger said...

What about a div with specified dimensions? Do those exist?
Anyway, I don't know that I'd go with "sweatshirt grey" (I'm so pretentious I spell gray with an e), but I'd go with something more neutral. Mostly because that green's ugly, but it's also been processed by your interpretation and then limited by available online colors. But also because something that drastic could be tiring. I mean, where are you going to sulk with the walls that color?
I'd go with (and I can say this because I don't have to actually do anything) something plain on the walls (though maybe your light apple green is really that light), and then accenting it with other, stronger colors. Like the maroon carpet. If you paint the walls green, you may be painting yourself into a corner (har har) as far as decorating options. Which is more worrisome when it comes to a new place you haven't settled into and gotten a true feel for yet.
As a side note, something I've always wanted to do was paint vertical rectangles on the wall (maybe on the scale of 12"x20"), without refined edges. And then leaving them like that or putting a picture frame in the middle of it. Maybe I saw that in a movie.