Thursday, September 16, 2004

in my head, in my heart, in my soul


Y to the P, as usual, has some great pics of the 'secret' Modest Mouse show. Twas lots of fun. I was a-skeered that I would be all falling asleep at a rocking-out concert. Oh, excuse me. I meant, rawking out. There. Rawk is a word like crunk. If I use it again in another entry very soon, I will have to start an emo band.

They played lots of stuff from their latest, most populist album, Good News For People Who Love Bad News. The crowd didn't go crazy for "Float On" until the vocals came in and I felt mildly proud and pretentious for recognizing it from the loop or whatever you call a computer-y thing. Ha. They should have a children's story like Pinocchio, for hipsters. The "almost-real" boy's nose would just turn up and up and up and his limbs would remain wooden and clacky, wear stupid clothes, and have a small, squishable (but unsquishably moral!) insect-like friend. They opened with "Paper Thin Walls," great for leading the set and I liked the show a lot, even though I'm not very familiar with their older oeuvre. They played "Ocean Breathes Salty" - yayyy- That's one of my fave songs. It's even on the radio as their next single. What if people start liking the radio again? Huh.

Apartment search continues to sap my life away. I haven't really read the paper since maybe Friday of last week. My Sunday times is still sitting fatly, unloved, and yellowing. So far I only vaguely know of hurricanes and tropical storms, the Dems are all despair and doom and gloom about not being able to beat the W, and I've learned that you really should be careful to not sleep on the train so that there's no Real Danger of it taking you away from your destination and into the who-knows, "yard," and that apartment searches are depressing, causing me to eat a lot, because food is my metaphorical yet tangible (no sense!) home, and that I feel like an anorexic girl (fat and hungry) without the actual anorexia. I think that's called empathy.

I also thought musicians would've been able to be a little more eloquent. Though, I like the big smile Ted Leo has holding his "Not Insured" sign. I'm getting mixed signals. Though he is coming out with a rawkin (last time) album, I hear.

And, hey, at least I stay informed about opera like it's my job or something, right?

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