Thursday, September 09, 2004

icelandic pixies

Who am I kidding. Umlauts wouldn't help me piece my life together any more than Ashlee Simpson would (pieces, pieces of you ... what's the rest of the song again? Where's my long island iced tea?). Some people find Bj��eird. Is she still going out or married or whatever to Matthew "Vaseline" Barney? Does Bj�do things like marriage? Does she drink orange juice? Too prosaic! Who knows? I certainly am not familiar with the realm of Icelandic pixiedom.

I saw a pixie on the subway the other day. He was tall, lanky, red-headed, small pointy nosed, pointy eared, and wearing green. I'm sure his wings were under his hipster-cool trackjacket. Hipster-pixies ... outfitted by Puma. Chuh, sellouts.

Anyways, back to Bj� Her latest album, Medulla, was released.. not too long ago. Oh durr, it was this past Tuesday. Y'know... Tuesdays. Better than Mondays. Thanks and "durr" is acceptable in all official correspondance. So, after reading this actually interesting and decently well-written review and hearing all the ker-az-y werds on the streetsizzleshizzle, I wanted to hear it ... w/o buying it, of course. Well, at work I am not privy to those kiosks (what a funny word) at mega music stores that sometimes work or maybe just in the left earphone, but I did manage to find a place that streams the album if you give them your soul. I mean your email address. You can listen to the whole album at XFM London as well as commentary on each song by Bjork, which is pretty cool.

On first listen, I thought it was pretty neat. The whole album is mostly vocals, a little piano here, a little synth or something there. But seriously a cappella. With collaboration with a guy from The Roots and some amazing Japanese beat-box guy, a choir, some pixie dust... Okay I'll stop with the pixie thing. Mmmmm pixie sticks. I love the stripped down sound, even if some aspects have probably been very manipulated. Not that I'm going to be as stupid as to try to genre-ize her music, but some tracks, bordered on some sort of edgy/supermodernclassical. It's the choral sound that does it.

Some of it is very beautiful. Some of it will make you have a quizzical look. Just like her. Apparently, there is a video for "Oceania", the song specially composed for this year's Olympics opening ceremonies (remember her dress that turned into the world?? here but I haven't seen it cuz Quicktime gets all crunky on me.

Ok, well check it out. I can only foresee the album growing on me after more listens cuz I'm buyin'.

New Yorker's Alex Ross on Icelandic music.

P.S. How's the apartment search going? This pretty much sums it up.

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