Thursday, September 02, 2004

drinking water ... good thing

Well, I'm taking a break from craigslist. I've decided that we're not good for each other anymore. He just can't love me the way I need to be loved. Now watch me eat a pint of ice cream! Actually, there has been a stark decline of postings (mmmmm. postings) as the Sept 1 move in date has now passed. If I do not find housing away from the matriarchal 'rent, I will fluctuate between the dangerous-stabby-kind-of-insane and the dangerously-i'm gonna take up gardening and watch extreme makeover-insane.

Well, while most, if not all, of you have nice water to drink and nice homes to live in and nobody coming after you in that genocidal way.... (yeah, that was unfunny in that inappropriate way)... the conditions in Sudan continue to worsen. The NYT reports figures of around 50,000 black Africans killed and 1.2 million displaced. The US, pretending to have learned something from Rwanda circa 1994, has only gone so far as to call the situation a 'genocide.' Nobody has taken any decisive action.

The Guardian has good coverage of Sudan.

Bands, including REM and Badly Drawn Boy, get together with Oxfam to put out a compilation album with proceeds going to aid. (I resisted saying bands band together... is there hope yet?) Each album will pay for drinking water for 15 people. Or you can donate in other ways -- The Guardian assembles a list of groups, outlining what these funds will be used for.

Oxfam Int'l

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