Thursday, September 16, 2004

America the Bookiful

Jon Stewart wants to be my friend? What? Man, I have so many on the list already. Do you think he'll apply for waiting list? (No, Stanford, I don't still hold a grudge, really...) I digress. Jon Stewart and the Daily Show team are mad funny and smrt. I don't have cable, and I know this.

Actually, because I don't have that newfangled cable business, I thought I might as well get America (The Book). Even the Times book review people thought it was funny, and who knew they had a sense of humor?

My friend, Jon Stewart, will be at the Union Square Barnes & Noble on Oct. 8th to discuss and sign things. Probably not body parts though.

The Union Square Barnes & Noble has lots of good "events" in the next coming weeks. Art Spiegelman, Howard Dean (sans RAAHRRRR?), Maya Angelou, Daniel Liebeskind, and Roddy Doyle are all dropping by. There must be some Food Network thing going on cuz that channel's denizens are all stopping by and have books as well. Alton Brown, Tony Bourdain (so great!), Jamie Oliver (so cute but it's just cuz he's british!), Rachel Ray (some find her irritating to the point of inviting murder. I don't find her that bad. But quite the perky one. Too much perkiness invites at least a maiming.), and Nigella Lawson (is she still on the food network? all the guys want her ... and her food.)

Food Network, the only other reason to get cable.

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