Tuesday, August 24, 2004


How's Harold and Kumar doin? Not so well, it seems, despite its critical and azeean praise. In comparison to the big leagues of course. This article suggests that maybe it's still successful, considering how 'historic' it is. I guuueesss so. That wraps the movie all back up in all that baggage, when it is simply a funny, not flimsy comedy. How well its doing is just an indication of society as opposed to the movie. That was just all not deep and perceptive. Sigh. Hopefully, it'll take off as DVD or be one of those slow-but-steady deals.

Milkpan says that this is indeed what Margaret Cho looks like. She looks mad freaky and like she should be on xanga. And eating some mad cake. But then I did hear she got that gastro-something-something where if you eat too much you explode.

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