Saturday, August 14, 2004


Regina Spektor, self proclaimed "via-Moscow-Bronx classical-music punk girl," catches the attention of the good ol sunday times. The article talks about her latest release, Soviet Kitsch , which used to be sold at CD Baby but I guess now it's up for 'major'release or something. This week, the album will be released by sire in digital form (huh?) with the actual CD out in February.

It's too bad that the article doesn't mention her two previous CDs, 11:11 and Songs, which I think are both better. They're all pretty different albums, especially since she starts out with a very jazzy sound and goes on to encompass all sounds in between from classical to punk. She tries to keep it interesting throughout these three, changing up the tones of her voice, pronunciation of vowels etc. as instrument or percussive sounds. Cool stuff. Most people seem to become smitten with her, or think that she is annoying.

Clips from early album.

On the Soviet Kitsch album:
clip from "Flowers"
clip from "Poor Little Rich Boy"
"Us" via WFME

Next NY appearance at the Knitting Factory - Thursday, September 9.

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