Wednesday, August 18, 2004

olympics wheeee

Why are the Olympics way more fun than I can remember? I have no recollection of the Sydney games. I think it was the settling into freshman year of college that was distracting, all that ker-az-ie partying, sitting in a corner with a bottle of wine and crying myself to sleep. Man I should have written poetry, about such poignant subjects as the freshman fifteen. So deep I can't get rid of it.

Everything is so much fun to watch! I try to avoid the NYT site so I don't know the results before the broadcast. I do fairly well, since I find other ways to procrastinate at work, but today I caught that Paul Hamm had won the all-around gold. And it was still mad exciting, cuz I thought I had been stupid and read it wrong. But that crazy comeback! Amazing!

Those Olympian athletes make me feel like such a wuss. I've been winning the Tired Olympics. Ahurhur. I mope and grumble around at work, at home, and I haven't been going to the gym. Meanwhile, people younger than I are popping around winning Olympic medals and eating 3 stacks of pancakes before I brush my teeth.

Not much else going on. Was tempted to write Chronicles of Craigslist, some brilliant words on finding apartments in nyc. But I'm too tired. And besides, it sucks. It's too much like trying to find a job -- you want interesting, not homicidal/boring/stupid roommates and the right place for you, so you have to be like, "yeah, I'm cool" and hope those who have deigned to not send your email or voicemail into the void, where resumes and cover letters also abide, pick you. One really surprising thing about craigslist has been the spelling. Maybe cuz my work entails getting all nit-picky about spelling and stuff ... but really, some of the misspelled stuff on there worries, even disturbs me. brooklynn? zacuzi? curtsy (courtesy)? Of course, I can't think of good, outrageous examples right now so you're looking at me pityingly. Go 'way.

Popped over to Tower during lunch break today, meaning to see if the new rilo kiley album was on sale. (wasn't). Just started listening to their stuff a few weeks ago. I likes it. I'm still feeling the lesser quantity of compelling bands (ie. not solo artists, hello) with female singers. Any suggestions?

So, while I was there, I saw that the Garden State soundtrack was the #1 seller. (I bought it cuz it was mad on sale.) It's #1 over at Amazon as well. So, yay. Take that Ashlee and NOW16! Who buys those NOW compilations anyways? Yay for Zach, who doesn't know he is my friend ... [darkly] yet. He's funny.


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