Tuesday, August 24, 2004

nellie mckay has lots to say

I'd heard about Nellie McKay since the release of her album in February:Get Away From Me and avoided it cuz there was so much damn praise. I was like pffft. 'Nother girl with a piano. Though that sorta doesn't make sense, cuz I'm not racist like that. Hahahaha. I was a-mistaken. The praise is everywhere. There's a ton of copy on her. I can't pick. Google her or something if you want to become a rabid fan.

This girl is nineteen (I have done nothing of importance with my liiiiiiife. maybe if I got off my ass away from the computer ... ) and she, no doubt, has talent. According to one site's bio, she went to Manhattan School of Music for two years and "...bored quickly of the routine and the conformity, and dropped out after two years, failing every class but one in her last term." Yessss! What do I mean to say? While I still have yet to get used to some her tracks (like ones where she raps... ), I'm on my way to rabid-ity (sad I missed a bunch of appearances recently... grrrrr. foam foam)! If I had to say her music was rooted in any one genre, it'd have to be jazz. The plus here, though, is her wit and sarcasm. Like a sushi knife. A pessimistic sushi knife. Wasaaaabi!

You can stream clips of the album at her official web home. And a bunch of live tracks here. I'd recommend the Joe's Pub sessions for sound quality.

Some of my fav songs:
I Wanna Get Married from this past July at South Street Seaport. "i wanna hear the sweet tune/ of sally's little vroom vroom/ as she zooms/around my broom/ as i exhume the gloom/ of my shallow life"

From 2003 thing at Joe's Pub:
David mister bushie says/ i'm your president/ i have lots to say/ hey hey hey!

Change The World.

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