Saturday, August 21, 2004

the hunt

And the search continues... spent most of today schlepping around in the humidity and pouring rain sans umbrella (parapluiiiieee!) looking at apts. Two I liked a lot so hopefully that'll turn out with a yay. Discovered to my utter dismay that I've developed a tendency to say "totally" a la valley girl. By itself, as affirmation, opposed to my customary "werd" (not that that's any better). But it'll make its way into regular sentences. These very nice people would be showing me around their homes and I would affirm their lovely choice of decor or description of utilities with, "oh that's totally great." ---> -----> -------> arrows of self-loathing! I'm turning into everything I hate!

Our efforts today were rewarded periodically with bubble tea from the fabulous St. Alps and a lunch-dinner (supper? 5 o'clock meal) at a pretty good sushi place on St. Mark's called something combining the terms zen, cafe, and noodle in an order I can't remember.

On the way back home, we passed by Daniel Kessler from Interpol at the Union Station subway stop. It was revoltingly hot and humid outside and he was all decked out in signature fashion. Suit, yo.

And lest you think I wouldn't be continuing my nj motif (analyze that!), Maxim picks the Grease Trucks at Rutgers (specifically the Fat Darrell, that's chicken fingers, mozzerella sticks, and french fries thank you very much) as best sandwich. Mmmmmm. grease trucks. sooo bad for you, soooo good. I always found it funny that they put lettuce in there. It's just for color.

totally. *giggles*

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