Monday, August 23, 2004


Patchwork of subjects. More patchy then usual, even.

Anybody know anything about the all-female band -- The Organ ? They're supposedly the female Interpol. Intriiiguing! They're from Canada and they don't sound screechy thank goodness from the mp3 samples they have up on the merch section of site. But the samples aren't long enough to hear the goodness that some attest to. Curious.

$650 - Nice Apartment - But Not For You
So this was funny when I read this (cuz I wasn't supposed to be doing work ... at work .... err) in the morning but dramatically less so when it popped up again at 5. I'm done stalking craigslist. I might have found a place (yay!) but if this doesn't work out, I'm taking a break. *sniffle sniffle* It's not you, it's me! Actually, in this case, it's you. Stupid money grumble room uncertainty grumble grumble perfect place not landing in lap rumble umble.....

So, two nights ago, I experienced this crazy thing. I couldn't tell whether I was dreaming or awake, but I woke, or felt-awoke, up to this feeling that I was being suffocated. I couldn't breathe and some ... "thing" was pressing down on my chest. I was paralyzed and couldn't scream for help while my mind/brain was totally alert. MAD FREAKED ME OUT. DAM MAD. Like, I felt 20% of me knew that there wasn't anything else in the room with me but the other part really (or seemed to really really) feel a physical presence.

This turns out to be something called sleep paralysis, where according to this article in the guardian, "the body and brain enter REM sleep, the muscles relax and the brain blocks signals that would normally allow the limbs to move, so preventing the body from acting out its dreams."

It's apparently a common experience. Korean people have a word for it that loosely translates to 'pressing scissor'. CK also says it's because I have a weak chi. This means I deserve more ice cream. And this is a block-y but interesting tidbit on how people in different cultures and time periods refer to it.

Very freaky. I hope it never happens again.

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Mosh said...

Weird! I had that same half-awake feeling of suffocation a couple of weeks ago. Just as dream-self was about to black out, I woke up to find that my blanket was completely over my face and suffocating me in real life.