Sunday, August 01, 2004

Harold & Kumar


Eheeheehee... Just watched Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle with lots of applause and cheers, especially when they mention New Brunswick. Cuz that's where it was. More cheers for NJ! And asian people! And Doogie Howser!!

The APA community is all going crazy about this movie, I'm sure. But hey, good reason to, no? It's kinda funny that this movie will probably end up getting cited in textbooks and academic papers. Giggle.

Angry Asian Man interviews John Cho & Kal Penn.

"It's so funny that this is revolutionary. It may turn out to be a baby revolution, but it's a revolution." Baby revolution

It would've been nice of NYT critic Stephen Holden to have gotten a clue and gotten the characters' ethnicity correct in his review. Though it's kinda telling, seeing how he glosses over, well, everything in the movie, managing to write nothing that wasn't evident from the trailers whilst actually using "muck of perpetual puerility." AO Scott was much more perceptive.

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