Tuesday, July 13, 2004


The Senate will vote on the Federal Marriage Amendment sometime this week. Take at least a minute out of your day and voice your opinion, electronically though that may be, if you believe in equal rights.

Human Rights Campaign


Roger said...

I can't tell what's going on, because the HRC is declaring victory, but I thought the latest vote was just on cloture? As I understand it, cloture would simply mean that debate on the bill would be terminated (effectively preventing any filibuster opportunities). So it seems like the vote merely rejected cloture, and that the entire bill has yet to have been voted on. Not that rejecting cloture bodes well for proponents of the bill, but still.
Government's confusing, y'all.

janet said...

from what i remember/understand, the latest vote was just on cloture and the House will also vote on their own version of the amendment
i dont seem to remember anything from a.p. gov....