Sunday, July 11, 2004

slow returns


Well, it's been awhile. Many things have happened. Most I don't remember. I want to trade in my memory for a new one. Though that would be dangerous. That smacks a bit too much of erasing memory like in Eternal Sunshine... , and of course bad consequence. Mmmm. Degeneration of thought...complete...sentences. I'm too tired. MMmm. Just need memory upgrade. That's all.

On Monday, went to see the triple threat - Guster, Ben Folds, and Rufus Wainwright. Pow pow pow! See, that's three pows. Where was this pow-erful concert? you might ask. I answer you with a wink. The wink of the answer will only register if you can proudly, and unproudly, call yourself a true NJ denizen. Yes. The venue previously known as Hunka Bunka has turned into the Starland Ballroom. They had great commercials on Z100. Remember Z100? Hunka Bunka. *giggle* Z100. *snicker*. Oh look, pretentious snobby asterisks!

Aaaanyways. The Trinity are rotating orders over their summer tour and it ended up being in that order. Guster, Ben, Rufus. I was not over-excited about seeing Guster, solid performers though they are, mostly because they were the only ones I had already seen in concert and plus, I lost track of their tracks with their newest album. But, I have to say, I had the funnest (Mmm. Grammar for midnight snack) time during their set. They just played a really great, tight set with fun-ness abounding...

Ben Folds is just an amazing artist. He tickles my ivories. Ok that sounds just dirty. I was jealous of his piano-ing skills. Craziness that his songs sound just as great and full by himself as with a band and stuff. There was lots of audience participation, where Ben showed his conducting skills, a la the saint-like radiant picture. I was pleased at this nerdy quality. He is like me!


So I was most excited about Rufus because I had never seen him and he is so way cool. But I was tired by the time his cute and stylish self stepped onto the stage.I think maybe it was his birthday? He got some stuffed dogs from an adoring fan. There was also an adoring fan right next to me, who in his not-so-pretty-little-head decided that he sounded just as great as Rufus on every damn song and that crazy laughter at artist-audience banter was appropriate. He played "Poses" for one of the encores so I went home satisfied. What lovely song-writing he does.

Still, the best parts when they all performed with each other. Ben coming out for Guster. Guster backing up Ben, reincarnating band-y Ben Folds Five days. Ben and Rufus. Rufus and Guster. All the combinations, the cameraderie! I'm too tired to keep continuing. Thanks to Milkpan for use of his pics.

Sidenote: I have Interpol's leaked track "Evil" en repeat and in my head for disturbingly long periods of time. It's so damn catchy. Evil. Chuh. That's right. Sometimes I ask myself, why do you write words on this site. And then I wonder. Until I fall asleep 2 minutes later.

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