Monday, July 12, 2004

listen to the nation's heartbeat

Frank Rich wrote an interesting column on how, despite its news-making brouhaha, "Fahrenheit 9/11," is not really indicative of us. Maybe that's all in the realm of Captain Obvious, but Rich writes a nice paean (I knew those SAT vocab words would come in handy one day! Blogabulary!) to "Spider-man 2." Thank goodness he wrote it. Like, totally more, like, eloquent - than my thoughts, after seeing Spidey 2 and Fahrenheit within a week of each other and feeling the obligation to type a little tune on here about them.

Now I don't have to pretend to try so hard at successfully transporting the thoughts in my head to here, verbalize and such. I was surprised at how much I liked Spiderman 2, seeing as how for the first one, I was like "ehhhh, what's the big fuss." But I loved the humor and yes, the humanity (Yummy!) of le seconde.

Fahrenheit was moving and manipulative and maddening and funny too. But c'mon, it's a Michael Moore documentary. You sort of get what you sign up for. (insert comment here about Iraq). Still, as Rich writes, Spidey is "an escapist movie that serves as a rebuke to what its audience wants to escape from:a pop culture that is often too shrill and an election-year political culture that increasingly mimics that pop culture."

In a way, though, the two sort of worked together. Like a good entree and a nice wine. The whole great power comes with great responsibility. Thinking things out, but understanding that life goes on and more bad things happen while you're struggling to sort. Fahrenheit is a warning. Spiderman 2 is a warning and an example.

More: AO Scott on Fahrenheit and Passion of Christ, commenting on getting over politeness in the movies.


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