Sunday, July 25, 2004

garden state


I'm still so excited about this movie. I hope my high expectations won't be dashed to the ground like the pinata that ran away to no avail. If I were using a mac, I would know how to key in the squiggly above the 'n' -- what's that called? Now I feel ignant. Aaaaanyhoo, yeah, excited! whoooo!

Remember? This movie's descriptive adjectives are everything I want to be. Those four words.

Zach Braff has a blog about it.

And the official site with goodies. Click/read on lots of things to get different clips to magically appear.

Watch this... The part where Howard Dean goes Waaaaaugh crazy is particularly tickling.
And for Teen Girl Squad fans, there's a new ep up at home.
** Okay, I swear there was a new one up yesterday. It was called Decemberween or something like that. You had to click on the upper right hand corner where they're all like, look at all these fun new updated things. And the girls jump into a lion... and... oh...
what happened to it?


mishie said...

i am also so psyched for this movie - if you want to see more clips from the film, i have a link i put up on my blog with 9 clips.
the entry is here:
zach braff looks so dopey-cute in the film. :)

Roger said...

I don't know why it took me so long to notice his shirt blending into the wallpaper. Awesome. Ever see that Arrested Development ep that had a similar gag with Buster?