Sunday, July 18, 2004

festivals of siren


This was my mum and dad when they were young. Mum was a simple farm girl, renowned in the village for her long blond locks and the subject of many local poems about sheep-tending lasses. Here she is pictured without her hook. Or whatever it is that Little Bo Peep has. Dad was a city boy, who made a living playing the jazz piano with similarly derby-hatted asian cats. This was their first trip to a race track. I inherited none of my mom's slenderness or her beauteous locks, nor any of my dad's devilish charm and intellectual air.

Actually, these nice people, who are most likely not even Korean, were just enjoying themselves at yesterday's Siren Festival. Check out some cool pics chez Youngna.

Sadly I missed the Fiery Furnaces but caught the Constantines, Mission of Burma, and Trail of Dead. Fun times were had. A Coney Island day topped off with some of Mamoun's shwarma plus gelato was a nicely tiring day. And of course it was one of those new york nights when al fresco dining is le plus charmant and le plus filling of how-come-I-can't-move-to-the-city-now thoughts.

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