Wednesday, June 09, 2004


sungtongs.jpg Recently picked up Sung Tongs by Animal Collective because my friend kept on playing 2 tracks in his car and they burrowed into my brain, squishily prodding me to buy buy buy. And so I did. No Control. The album's a bit cr-razy (say it like Strongbad) but not THAT crazy. I definitely have some tracks on incessant repeat until I'm convinced I'm a tiger or rabbit or something.

Read what Walter has to say about it.

And look, I even found some sample clips for you to check out. It's not like those cheese cubes or apple slices that get slightly brown or gross throughout the day at the grocery. Sample without interfere-some grossness!

Let's just say rambling is my style and excuse it at that, okay?

Other randomness:
The excellent fluxblog has another Blueberry Boat Fiery Furnaces mp3 up as well as linkage to a live show. woo!

Saw Harry Potter yesterday. So much better than first two!

I want to have food like a vacation! . Description of Zafra, in Hoboken, NJ: "The food is remarkable and remarkably authentic. Eating it is a vacation." Praise praise praise.

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