Tuesday, June 29, 2004

the real world

In response to friends who have entered the working world, I would naively scoff at their complaints. The early bedtimes. The commute. The office humor. "Come on! You're young!" I would dismiss with scoffiness. So, here I am, a bit red in the face (no alcohol!), realizing at 10 PM how tired I am. And all of a sudden it's past midnight and I'm here posting and still exhausted and man, isn't this livin'.

I blame the living-at-home thing though. I'm thinking this will all change with the move into the city. So that I can pretend to partake in an era of young Golden Years. I talked to a friend yesterday about this and this whole growing-up thing, who said that sounded like the Golden Girls. But it seems a sin to feel old at 22. And I don't feel old. Just tired. Are they the same? No matter. David Sedaris made me laugh when he comments how the voice of reason would sound like Bea Arthur. She would just tell me to be quiet and go to sleep because I can't even write gooz.

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