Friday, June 25, 2004

prix fixe taste


The last couple of times (twice) that I've been in the city, I get all ridiculous and say wistfully, "I could live here." Ridiculous because I've already lived in the city, in a way, and will, no doubt, move there in a matter of months. Dammit, it's just all about now now now, isn't it? It's amazing how difficult it is (how lazy I am) living a mere train ride away in the lovely garden state. Going into the city becomes an Expedition and there's no such thing as a free njtransit ride. There's tons of stuff that I want to see though. Youngna's virtual existence is making me jealous.

Oh god. There's a Korean video going on in the next room and some Korean girl is rapping. It's worse than Madonna rapping something about 'pilates' and rhyming "soy latte" and "double shott� There's currently a Momma Choi family reunion and they're apparently watching something 'hip' and 'young'. Korean females rapping! Why aren't they taking care of their hard-working, deserving husbands??

Okay, back to the ny thing. Took advantage of NYC Restaurant Week to have a prix fixe dinner at a Greek restaurant in Tribeca called Thalassa. The word 'thalassa' means ocean, or so I'm told. Makes sense. Good fish.

Twas pretty tasty. I had an appetizer of some risotto in a tomato thing, lamb, and manouri cheesecake and some nice Greek wine. I'd probably return but for their regular menu. They probably just don't roll out the good stuff for restaurant week. "Let's show those poor kids what we can do!" It's kind of funny you can definitely tell who's there for the prix fixe and who's having something from the actual menu. Mmm that's a healthy attitude. Never satisfied! Money is evil. But I want the oysters!

And then she rolled up into a ball like a hedgehog without spikes. Without warning, she tumbled down the hill and then we heard the screech of tires, the screech of a hysterical driver from Iowa. First roadkill, first license to kill. We all gathered over her mangled, still spikeless body. She managed to whisper hoarsely, "oysters" with her last breath. That's what happens to people who are never satisfied. And then Buffy came out with her crew and staked all the vampires away and then there wasn't an apocalypse.

I don't even like oysters. Hee.

Watch this. It's mad funny. Milkpan and I have agreed that it's the best thing we've seen "ever or at least since tuesday."

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yeji said...

hey janet~~=)
wow...your entry is so much more than my makes me even want to spell things correctly...hehe.....
you're alternative to xanga is very nice and very pretty...
wish me luck tomorrow~bbai janet..and probably see you very soon over very good food~=D
tah tah~