Monday, June 14, 2004

play sex walkmen


Why sleepy after 8 hours? Addicted to sleep. So yummy.

Missed asobi seksu's live broadcast performance on kexp, but I'm sure they'll have a link up to that sooner or later. I really like the above picture though. Sean McCabe has done their photography/artwork, as well as Interpol's also red-black evocative look.

How's about you check these out:
asobi seksu - sooner
asobi sesku - walk on the moon
(How's about you get some brains)

Transition: Lists by Asobi Seksu and The Walkmen . Apparently these are supposed to be music-related lists, but The Walkmen's list consists of all sorts of things and is in the first person without naming who it is. It's nice that Keith from Asobi Seksu mentions The Walkmen as one of his favorites. It's true. Live, they are the party.

The Walkmen talk to The Guardian. I love how they're so unpretentious and so Britishly pasty looking in the picture. I also didn't know they worked at the Cloisters. Do they still? All of them? So many questions. The Cloisters is kind of a funny random place in that medieval sort of way.

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