Tuesday, June 29, 2004


So I was hoping that the peoples formerly signed to Lollapalooza would dust off their trendy clothes and get in the tour bus on their owns. Walkmen has a chicken-with-heads-cut-off tour in the works, Sonic Youth is touring but current dates don't include my backyard. Might have to trek to DC or Boston to catch 'em. Broken Social Scene seems befuddled. Pitchy has other tour dates for Pixies and Mouse. And finding information on PJ Harvey's site makes me want to run away, despite the fact that I'm a PJH-phile. Phile. Not Phobe.

Roar! I feel like I haven't been to a concert in years. What was the last one?? Augh. Maybe Dirty on Purpose back in April . That's just wrong, she muttered, kicking NJTransit, angry that it isn't a teleportation device that costs nothing. And herself for being so damn lazy.

Bed, on the other hand, is lovely. Mmmm Sleep so Nice.


Roger said...

dude, you got your rufus ticket already, right?

mishie said...

yeah, concert withdrawls suck eh? i myself don't really have anything planned for next week. weird. considering i'm used to going to a show every other day. but i've been busy i guess.

Roger said...