Thursday, June 17, 2004

lethargarian to the max

I've been so sleepy lately. Even for me. It's actually getting in the way of living. It's a woozy kind of sleepiness, like continuous Benadryl or cough meds. I'm getting enough sleep each night. Coffee merely gets me lively enough to go to the bathroom. Sleepiness usually signifies some kind of deficiency. Rest. Vitamins. Humanness. Am I turning into a sloth? I mean, if I were to gain some kind of animal-ness, I'd prefer something a little more, well, cooler. Tiger. Or elephant.

On an unrelated note (it's the only kind of scale I know), the tupperware where I keep some watermelon is from Korea and says on the cover, "perpect." There's no "f" sound so why put it? Nothing but excellence, I say.

Ok scary thunderstorms. I'm out.


Roger said...

"unrelated note" -- ha! "kind of scale" -- ha! ha!

Janet said...

thank god somebody noticed
life affirmation