Wednesday, June 09, 2004

back for now

Ah. Apologies to my few, but lovely, readers for my absence. Have been getting 'real world' issues in order. And trying to be productive, not in the traditional sense, like putting on arms to dolls on a conveyor belt faster and faster, but more in terms of self-growth and learning. trying to get back into guitar and reading and I actually joined a gym. If you know me you should be laughing right about now.

Well let's backpedal a little shall we? Lots of applause to Avenue Q for their upset at the Tonys. This show was one of my favorites from last semester. It's just totally funny and irreverent and clever and catchy tunes and absolutely perfect for the young-ish audience. You'll identify with the characters in their quest to find their 'purpose in life' and struggle with how 'everybody's a little bit racist.' Sesame Street for adults is a popular way of describing the show. And it has Gary Coleman as a character. C'mon. You can't beat that. Plus you won't catch puppet sex in many other places. If you're gonna do the "Broadway" thing, go see Avenue Q.

Also happy for Phylicia Rashad (better known to some as Mrs. Huxtable) and Audra McDonald for their Tony-winning performances in Raisin in the Sun. and Anika Noni Rose in Caroline, or Change. Media's trying to make a big deal about how this will open doors for African-Americans in theatre and maybe it is. But these ladies are just fabulous. Hopefully casting and production decisions will bring more minority stars to their deserved success. And my goodness, Audra McDonald is sooooooooo talented. 3 Tonys by the age of 33 and the woman can siiiiing! I wish I could've afforded to go to her concerts at Carnegie.

OK well fitting that I spent so much time with the Tonys and I didn't actually watch the broadcast. (guilt). But I did watch the Pistons beat the Lakers for Game 1. And quit (with heavy heart) my internship with I have gained employment with Opera News Magazine as an Editorial Assistant. Or is it Assistant Editor? I'm fated never to leave Lincoln Center. Work starts June 28th. Eeek!

I'm gonna move on to a new entry. But before I do, Buffy fans, here's an article for you. I miss Buffy.

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