Tuesday, June 29, 2004


So I was hoping that the peoples formerly signed to Lollapalooza would dust off their trendy clothes and get in the tour bus on their owns. Walkmen has a chicken-with-heads-cut-off tour in the works, Sonic Youth is touring but current dates don't include my backyard. Might have to trek to DC or Boston to catch 'em. Broken Social Scene seems befuddled. Pitchy has other tour dates for Pixies and Mouse. And finding information on PJ Harvey's site makes me want to run away, despite the fact that I'm a PJH-phile. Phile. Not Phobe.

Roar! I feel like I haven't been to a concert in years. What was the last one?? Augh. Maybe Dirty on Purpose back in April . That's just wrong, she muttered, kicking NJTransit, angry that it isn't a teleportation device that costs nothing. And herself for being so damn lazy.

Bed, on the other hand, is lovely. Mmmm Sleep so Nice.

the real world

In response to friends who have entered the working world, I would naively scoff at their complaints. The early bedtimes. The commute. The office humor. "Come on! You're young!" I would dismiss with scoffiness. So, here I am, a bit red in the face (no alcohol!), realizing at 10 PM how tired I am. And all of a sudden it's past midnight and I'm here posting and still exhausted and man, isn't this livin'.

I blame the living-at-home thing though. I'm thinking this will all change with the move into the city. So that I can pretend to partake in an era of young Golden Years. I talked to a friend yesterday about this and this whole growing-up thing, who said that sounded like the Golden Girls. But it seems a sin to feel old at 22. And I don't feel old. Just tired. Are they the same? No matter. David Sedaris made me laugh when he comments how the voice of reason would sound like Bea Arthur. She would just tell me to be quiet and go to sleep because I can't even write gooz.

Monday, June 28, 2004

i want to grow old with you

WW and I were at outside at Cafe Paris yesterday, respectively studying and writing, or as WW likes to put it, "diligenting." It was a pretty day out, as it has been lately, the weather choosing to show little angst.

A rather short stretch, this Main Street lends itself to seeing the same people go by. I saw this elderly couple pass by one way, remarking in our direction how people still do homework these days. A half hour later they were back, peering over WW's shoulder at mcat madness, the old gent asking, "Can I see what you're studying there?" and we entered into a little chat.

After expressing surprise at our having graduated and hanging out on this Main Street, the man exclaimed, "Look at us! You're from Rhode Island, you're from North Carolina, she [pointing at his wife] is from Hawaii and I'm from Brooklyn. And --" gesturing at the street with a hint of glee, "we're here!" He had worked for Ford in the forties. His wife was 80-something. Early in their marriage, she had wanted to go back to Hawaii so badly, but he couldn't afford it. She said, "Take me to JFK Airport." She went around to the airlines, looking to see what she could find, and ended up being hired by American Airlines. Now they have a pass that lets them fly whenever and they've been to Hawaii at least 25 times.

She wanted to take her husband out to dinner, treat him like royalty, he quips. They went to Burger King and then Dairy Queen for dessert. They walked away after awhile, hand in hand, in no rush. Because what is there to rush about, really? We watched them cross the street slowly over to the other half of Main Street. They could have been characters for a commercial, a sappy made-for-TV movie. And while I had been sitting there, regarding this couple before me, wondering for a few seconds, "But you must have had some trouble in your lives" in the somewhat insistent manner you wonder where you put that thing that you know was there five minutes ago.

Yet, watching them leave, I saw that these thoughts were inconsequential in a way, because everybody has their troubles in life. And sometimes, we are granted beautifully simple glimpses of not how things should be but how things are, of two people, holding hands, strolling down a street one pleasant afternoon. It's no earthquake.

Friday, June 25, 2004

prix fixe taste


The last couple of times (twice) that I've been in the city, I get all ridiculous and say wistfully, "I could live here." Ridiculous because I've already lived in the city, in a way, and will, no doubt, move there in a matter of months. Dammit, it's just all about now now now, isn't it? It's amazing how difficult it is (how lazy I am) living a mere train ride away in the lovely garden state. Going into the city becomes an Expedition and there's no such thing as a free njtransit ride. There's tons of stuff that I want to see though. Youngna's virtual existence is making me jealous.

Oh god. There's a Korean video going on in the next room and some Korean girl is rapping. It's worse than Madonna rapping something about 'pilates' and rhyming "soy latte" and "double shott� There's currently a Momma Choi family reunion and they're apparently watching something 'hip' and 'young'. Korean females rapping! Why aren't they taking care of their hard-working, deserving husbands??

Okay, back to the ny thing. Took advantage of NYC Restaurant Week to have a prix fixe dinner at a Greek restaurant in Tribeca called Thalassa. The word 'thalassa' means ocean, or so I'm told. Makes sense. Good fish.

Twas pretty tasty. I had an appetizer of some risotto in a tomato thing, lamb, and manouri cheesecake and some nice Greek wine. I'd probably return but for their regular menu. They probably just don't roll out the good stuff for restaurant week. "Let's show those poor kids what we can do!" It's kind of funny you can definitely tell who's there for the prix fixe and who's having something from the actual menu. Mmm that's a healthy attitude. Never satisfied! Money is evil. But I want the oysters!

And then she rolled up into a ball like a hedgehog without spikes. Without warning, she tumbled down the hill and then we heard the screech of tires, the screech of a hysterical driver from Iowa. First roadkill, first license to kill. We all gathered over her mangled, still spikeless body. She managed to whisper hoarsely, "oysters" with her last breath. That's what happens to people who are never satisfied. And then Buffy came out with her crew and staked all the vampires away and then there wasn't an apocalypse.

I don't even like oysters. Hee.

Watch this. It's mad funny. Milkpan and I have agreed that it's the best thing we've seen "ever or at least since tuesday."

Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Make your way over to productshop to dl the leaked Fiona Apple "Extraordinary Machine" track.

I was gonna write more. But later.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

lethargarian to the max

I've been so sleepy lately. Even for me. It's actually getting in the way of living. It's a woozy kind of sleepiness, like continuous Benadryl or cough meds. I'm getting enough sleep each night. Coffee merely gets me lively enough to go to the bathroom. Sleepiness usually signifies some kind of deficiency. Rest. Vitamins. Humanness. Am I turning into a sloth? I mean, if I were to gain some kind of animal-ness, I'd prefer something a little more, well, cooler. Tiger. Or elephant.

On an unrelated note (it's the only kind of scale I know), the tupperware where I keep some watermelon is from Korea and says on the cover, "perpect." There's no "f" sound so why put it? Nothing but excellence, I say.

Ok scary thunderstorms. I'm out.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

talk pretty

Interview with David Sedaris via largehearted boy.

"I've never seen the Internet. I don't have email. I just enjoy lying on the couch and reading a magazine. When people say, "You should visit my Web page," I'm always perplexed by it. Why? What do you do there?"

Good question.

Monday, June 14, 2004

and the livin is easy

Aaaaa. Days til work starts dwindling away. Dwindle Dwindle.

I don't know where my mother gets all her information. Clearly she is hanging out with the wrong sort, whose children are all on their way to being doctors and lawyers and getting free laptops from work. I, on the other hand, will nap in about half an hour and maybe dream about an ibook that I can't afford. Or maybe it will be one of those action/adventure type dreams where I save the world.

I've never done Restaurant Week where shmancy restaurants have affordable prix fixes. I think it's about time I made my way there for a tastey taste. June 21-25 & June 28-July 2.

Zadie Smith has a piece in The New Yorker about paradise vacation. Nice and sarcastic, the way I like it.

play sex walkmen


Why sleepy after 8 hours? Addicted to sleep. So yummy.

Missed asobi seksu's live broadcast performance on kexp, but I'm sure they'll have a link up to that sooner or later. I really like the above picture though. Sean McCabe has done their photography/artwork, as well as Interpol's also red-black evocative look.

How's about you check these out:
asobi seksu - sooner
asobi sesku - walk on the moon
(How's about you get some brains)

Transition: Lists by Asobi Seksu and The Walkmen . Apparently these are supposed to be music-related lists, but The Walkmen's list consists of all sorts of things and is in the first person without naming who it is. It's nice that Keith from Asobi Seksu mentions The Walkmen as one of his favorites. It's true. Live, they are the party.

The Walkmen talk to The Guardian. I love how they're so unpretentious and so Britishly pasty looking in the picture. I also didn't know they worked at the Cloisters. Do they still? All of them? So many questions. The Cloisters is kind of a funny random place in that medieval sort of way.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004


sungtongs.jpg Recently picked up Sung Tongs by Animal Collective because my friend kept on playing 2 tracks in his car and they burrowed into my brain, squishily prodding me to buy buy buy. And so I did. No Control. The album's a bit cr-razy (say it like Strongbad) but not THAT crazy. I definitely have some tracks on incessant repeat until I'm convinced I'm a tiger or rabbit or something.

Read what Walter has to say about it.

And look, I even found some sample clips for you to check out. It's not like those cheese cubes or apple slices that get slightly brown or gross throughout the day at the grocery. Sample without interfere-some grossness!

Let's just say rambling is my style and excuse it at that, okay?

Other randomness:
The excellent fluxblog has another Blueberry Boat Fiery Furnaces mp3 up as well as linkage to a live show. woo!

Saw Harry Potter yesterday. So much better than first two!

I want to have food like a vacation! . Description of Zafra, in Hoboken, NJ: "The food is remarkable and remarkably authentic. Eating it is a vacation." Praise praise praise.

Cornell Daze


I went up to Cornell during senior week. Ithaca sure is purty in the springtime. Too bad about all that wintry freaky weather. Anyhoo, one fun day, we participated in "Cornell Daze," a scavenger hunt, digital cameras in tow of course, plus multiple mini-bottles of alcohol. Y'know, the kind they put in the minibar. So cute! Fun-ness ensues. The team with the cool pictures is not my team. They totally kicked our asses in creativity. pics from youngna's site.

back for now

Ah. Apologies to my few, but lovely, readers for my absence. Have been getting 'real world' issues in order. And trying to be productive, not in the traditional sense, like putting on arms to dolls on a conveyor belt faster and faster, but more in terms of self-growth and learning. trying to get back into guitar and reading and I actually joined a gym. If you know me you should be laughing right about now.

Well let's backpedal a little shall we? Lots of applause to Avenue Q for their upset at the Tonys. This show was one of my favorites from last semester. It's just totally funny and irreverent and clever and catchy tunes and absolutely perfect for the young-ish audience. You'll identify with the characters in their quest to find their 'purpose in life' and struggle with how 'everybody's a little bit racist.' Sesame Street for adults is a popular way of describing the show. And it has Gary Coleman as a character. C'mon. You can't beat that. Plus you won't catch puppet sex in many other places. If you're gonna do the "Broadway" thing, go see Avenue Q.

Also happy for Phylicia Rashad (better known to some as Mrs. Huxtable) and Audra McDonald for their Tony-winning performances in Raisin in the Sun. and Anika Noni Rose in Caroline, or Change. Media's trying to make a big deal about how this will open doors for African-Americans in theatre and maybe it is. But these ladies are just fabulous. Hopefully casting and production decisions will bring more minority stars to their deserved success. And my goodness, Audra McDonald is sooooooooo talented. 3 Tonys by the age of 33 and the woman can siiiiing! I wish I could've afforded to go to her concerts at Carnegie.

OK well fitting that I spent so much time with the Tonys and I didn't actually watch the broadcast. (guilt). But I did watch the Pistons beat the Lakers for Game 1. And quit (with heavy heart) my internship with I have gained employment with Opera News Magazine as an Editorial Assistant. Or is it Assistant Editor? I'm fated never to leave Lincoln Center. Work starts June 28th. Eeek!

I'm gonna move on to a new entry. But before I do, Buffy fans, here's an article for you. I miss Buffy.