Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Soundtrack for the Real World

Slowly, slowly Fortress Nightingale creeps its way into the present-day. Having got a dishwasher and microwave in the past couple of years, I have yet to experience cable tv and swiffer. But my DSL connection has arrived majestically to make my meaningless existence a little more... meaningless. To the end of the internet and beyond!

jon stewart is running a pretty tight race with conan for coolest-guy-ever-i-want-to-be-friends-in-a-nonobsessive-way race. actually he probably beats him because he's all political and yknow, the world is all important like that. (polite bow to already-dust-gathering political science degree)

the morning news awards for online excellence.

Experience the sexcellence (i think that's 3 posts in a row now) that is the fiery furnaces. Two tracks from the future album Blueberry Boat found at this wonderfully titled blog and an article on the sibs from the guardian.

The Siren Festival adds more to the hot lineup. Trail of Dead, Mission of Burma, Electric Six, Vue, The Thermals, Death Cab, Blonde Redhead, HarMar, TVOTR, Constantines, Fiery Furnaces, The Fever, The Ponys, Your Enemies Friends. If I were creative and even more bored, I'd try to string these all into some ridiculous sentence.

Somebody please explain this to me. I'm just so bewildered. First I was amused. And then moved onto pity. Then scowled because maybe this person is getting paid tons of money. But does it even work that way? Why? WHY WHY? Bewilderment.


gijyun said...

chickenz gotta right to work, too. plus, what else is bk gonna do with marketing money?

Brad said...

Hey, I posted about Jon Stewart too! I don't remember where I saw the link to his commencement speech, but it's nice to know I'm not alone in my adoration.