Sunday, May 16, 2004


I tried to do something with "sexcellent" and "links" but none of the combinations had that sexy and excellent ring to it. Sexcellinks? That sounds dumb.

Anyway, here's a list of links to peruse at your leisure. You can thank my utterly in-active day, spent in bed, under meds, and in front of the computer. I can hear my butt growing fat. I'm really gonna start running. Really. Like, in a couple of days.

Read up on Rufus Wainwright. Apparently, "arrogance and Elton John" saves lives.

Julia Stiles can act?? in a David Mamet play no less! Well shiver me timbers..

For some reason, journalists cannot refrain from punning on the Pixies. I guess they have to be entertained somehow. On the absence of reason for Pixies reunion: Piqued by the Pixies .

I know I do go on about how I envy the ridiculously charming and witty and loving mother-daughter relationship on Gilmore Girls, but this is too much. Cool parents??? Creeps me out, man. What's going to happen to art and literature?!?! The teenage angst years are integral fodder!! What is this well-adjusted stuff. Notice how they didn't mention immigrant/minority families and the generational divides. I'll just thank my mum & da for that. Now I have creative material fodder. Mwahahahahah. (Did I mention I really need to move out of the house or go nuts??)

American Girl Cafe is, like, the hottest place in town for girls and dolls (no mention of guys and their transformers and powerwheels). For $23 a person, you can get a pretty fine-sounding multi-course meal for your little one and her American Girl doll. (They make food for the doll. What happens to that? Is it just smushed over their faces? Can I have some? For free?) I used to want one of these dolls when I was little, cuz they had the coolest accessories and furniture. Furniture!! Everything is cooler when it's small-size! This is also the 2nd article I've read today that included the term "tween." That just drives me to drink.

The American Girl dolls are all about diversity. But maybe they're not doing too good a job? "There are two Asian dolls that are supposed to look like us," said Megan Yee, 14, of Scarsdale, N.Y., gesturing to herself and her sister, Erin, 12. "But they don't." It's a tough lesson girls, but that's just life now isn't it?


karla said...

dude, did you want to go to the ben folds, rufus, guster concert on july 5th? should we get tickets?

david said...

I was never a Rufus Wainright fan until he played a friend's party last year. After that, I was a fan for life.
Punning with the Pixies is more fun than having to listen to them this tour (in my opinion).