Tuesday, May 11, 2004


Ah. Hitting that "New Entry" button feels good. Much more gooder than allergies. I am allowed to say things like "gooder", because it will help me find a writing job which will be breezy because of my three how-can-you-refuse-me adjectives: Quirky, Creative, and Fun.

Whew. It's official. I am now an alumnus. That looks a bit too much like when people say aluminiyum. I am now crushable? Alumnus digression.

Weekend update. wrapup. Whatever. I'm not as cool or funny as Tina Fey and I need new glasses. I'm in such total dork mode right now. Lessee. Spending prolonged amounts of time with parents? Not priceless. They drove me nuts. Graduating? Pricey. Why is the cap/gown so expensive? I mean, seriously now.

It was weird being back in Durham. I forgot I had left like 6 boxes of stuff in my old room so moving those were fun. I re-claimed my bottle of baileys though. yum. Madeleine Albright was entertaining and all inspirational and proved me the fool since I had low expectations. I guess that's what happens when you're all smart and powerful like that. Grrl power!

My cousins and their kids came. Cuteness abounds. Kids are 6 and 8 and precocious and cute and babbly. My parents wanted to trade me in for them, I suspect. We ate at this quite yummy, bit pricey Thai place called shabashabu in Raleigh near Melting Pot, the fondue place that I never got around to going to during my 4 years. Um. Yeah go there if you're in the area.

The parents were in high form. My mom commented at least 20 times about how grand the football stadium was, where commencement was held. That's what happens when you have a sucky team. A grand football stadium. One highlight of trip: her pretending? to dance (move around) to Hey Ya while cousin-kids know ALL the words and sing (speak) them. World falls apart. Dad is preoccupied by counting all the asian kids and successes (pas moi) in all the graduation and award programs. Whoo. Honors Shmonors.

I've had enough of school to be glad that I'm done (for now). I've been away from campus enough to remember Durham pretty fondly. It's not a bad little place especially if you have a car. Good music food nature culture etc etc. I still feel kind of weird though. To be done. Why don't they prepare you for this real life business?? Eeeeeee.

What next? Nooooooooo cluuuueeee.


mishie said...

hi, just a note to say i like your blog muchly :)
enjoy the time off school

janet said...

thanks! yours is pretty darn cool. impeccable taste in music heee :)