Thursday, April 15, 2004

social butterfly

You know, I was thinking the other day, that this world needed more social networking available online. Especially in college. Now, thanks to thefacebook I can visualize my social net and also network with other smart intelligent pretty people.

Ah, yes, the popular way to describe it is friendster for college, namely Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, Yale, Cornell, Dartmouth, UPenn, MIT, BU, NYU, Berkeley, Brown, Princeton, Duke, Georgetown, and UVa. This will really facilitate taking over the world! Yes, shed your Abercombie garments and let's go make a difference!!!! Oh wait, what do people in California wear? My bad! Personally, I make my own clothes. Let's compare how we say the same thing in different ways in each geographical section of the country! We are so different and yet so the same!!!!

Damn curiosity!!! Now my coolness factor has been lowered because I signed up and what's cooler than being cool with a social network as vast as the seven seas is not having one at all!! (oh my, the way we cope). Oh well. I have some feeling that this college tidbit will have a shorter life than the frozen yogurt fascination. I will now continue my snobbish ways and go listen to some music by a band that you haven't heard of before.

Mmmm. Nonsense. It's refreshing isn't it? Especially after all that reality tv you just watched.

Here's something from Duke that I'm proud of!! Whoa! The Fine by Me project started last year at Duke, producing t-shirts that say: "gay? fine by me" and getting people around campus to wear them. So simple and yet an immediately obvious show of support and pride. Read the FAQ section for details on how this started and how to start a campaign of at your own school/community. Buy a shirt for yourself and your friends. In fact, go ahead and use thefacebook.


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