Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Practice makes Perfect

I was hoping to find some inspiration on the ol' school career website. They have these really helpful and witty lines so I thought I would practice my cover letter writing skills with them here before I send them out into the void. In previous years of what is known as the internship hunt, I have sent out many-a-cover letter and resume out to places and never gotten a word of hello back and I don't expect the job hunt to be much different. This is known as The Void. The Void can also be an ironical name of a band who has some hit and some hype and then disappears into itself.

As you will see, I have much to practice. Now without further ado: First in the Practice makes Perfect Series:

Dear Void,

I was very impressed with what John Doe told me at the Career Fair about your great organization. I love organizations. Now I will pretend to have a very deep knowledge of what your organization does and stands for and make my case for why I should be included in your staff.

I believe my resume shows my high energy level/ability to prioritize academics, activities, and work/experience at juggling responsibilities/ability to meet deadlines. I am DETAIL ORIENTED. I cannot emphasize how much more DETAIL ORIENTED I could ever be. I also know what the Internet is. I have much skill.

I will be home for the rest of my life and will call you next week to arrange a convenient time in early May after the April showers when we can meet to talk about opportunities for me at ABCD, where I would fit in just fine. I will not sell you my soul.


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