Thursday, April 15, 2004

don't clean it. cuz it's dirty on purpose


I know you dig my overlong and unfunny title. Thanks. Hold all applause and applesauce.

I heard about dirty on purpose last summer and remember checking out the tracks on their first ep. I remember them being cool. They vaguely reminded me of Explosions in the Sky. Probably because at least one of the tracks was instrumental. and layery. Anyways, since they are in my messed up computer I can't refresh my memory with a lemony scent.

Anyways, now they are coming out with a 2nd EP called Sleep Late For A Better Tomorrow. It's a title that I can identify with. I put it on those "HI. My Name is: " to identify myself at social functions while I circulate and network gracefully and charmingly. I'm in bad form today. Pay no heed. Anyways, the previews of the tracks on this EP jolted me probably because it is less jangley, more poppy. Take a listen and compare to song from first EP from here .

The previews got me re-excited though. They sound check-them-out-worthy if you like layers and don't mind lots of repeated notes*. I hope to see them live. Well seeing them living would be creepy because I don't think they're ready for reality tv. LYVE. That's better. Muzzles on the fingers! Tell me what you think!

*hi interpol. i hear you have a new well-dressed album coming out. despite scoffs i hope it's good. thanks for listening. ok you can go back to your red and black world now.

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