Monday, April 05, 2004

cafe-hopping part trois

Hallo. Where I have been, I'm not quite sure. I'm a psychological itinerant. Find me a home! hahahaha. I'm currently foraging for future options (gotta start sometime!), getting certain emails from school reminding me of my hapless fate, like: Make sure you get your school insurance. Oh, graduating seniors, disregard this email, as you will be left to fend for yourself. Look there's me waving from my cardboard box!

Aaaanyway, it's about time for another edition of the tres trendy series for non-Starry cafe fanatics.

Tarallucci e Vino is a block away from the famous dessert place, Veniero's, on the corner of 1st Ave and 10th St. They've got the tastiest cappuccinos I've had in the city. They offer a selection of dessert goodies ranging from basic to ooh-la-la, gelato, and panini along with their coffee/tea and wine. It's a pretty small place but a great place to lounge if you get one of the few tables in the back. It's less comfy on the stools by the window, but there you can people watch (it's like tv, but real! wait...) all the crazy NYU students and hipsters passing by, like little boats. No, not like little boats. Some outdoor seating in nice weather, which we apparently are not allowed to have any more. Oh, let's gripe about the weather some more, it's so original.

Artwork on the walls and the best selection of music (translation: my taste in music) over the speakers. There was a funny episode today when I was there, when this elderly guy reading the paper couldn't take the long-ish techno song that was playing. He was like Argh (in elderly man tones) Grrr and complained that he was going nuts. The kind workers said, oh no problem, we'll change the music. He sits down amidst the strains of Interpol and Blur. I hear him say loudly to the young lady beside him, Whatever happened to Mozart!!! Heehee. He was kind of funny in the grumpy way. Anyways, I liked the music and it stands out from the regular classical/jazz/muzak that is played elsewhere.

Another place I tried out a couple weeks ago was Gorilla Coffee (97 5th Ave; Brooklyn, NY) which is in the 2004 issue of Best of New York for best espresso. It was, indeed, quite excellent.. I could have had a whole cup of it. Mmmmmmmm. They roast their coffee on the premises; it's pretty cool.. there's this great big honking machine in the back. Vibe not so kitschy and so purposefully 'coffeehouse' but it has tables, chairs, counters, and windows. That's really all you need. Also good music played here.

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