Tuesday, March 23, 2004

the spotless mind


I watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind a couple days ago and was quite taken with it. Go see it. If you know me, it's exactly the kind of movie that I'd like. If you don't know me, go see it anyway. Watch the trailer and clips at the focus features site ... just click on "media."

You can listen to the soundtrack here. Stars for inclusion of Polyphonic Spree and Beck.

Read about the Science of Eternal Sunshine . It's a rather interesting article about the brain and memory stuff in the movie. Mmmm. Neuroscience. Yummy with milk. I keep on running into the mysterious amygdala in my readings. They say its the seat of emotions and fears, to put it generally. It's got a great name. Amygdala. Don't name your kid that though.

And then, I leave you with the only thing that succeeded in making me laugh all day: Australian tries to unravel the mysteries of American foods. Of course, the majority of the list is southern food and beverage. It's hilarious. Give it a taste.

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Roger said...

The only time I ever had grits was in the dining hall, when I was really psyched that they were serving what I thought were mashed potatoes, for breakfast.