Sunday, March 28, 2004

sitting on a bench in anjou


Thankfully got to Northsix right in time for who I came to see: The Fiery Furnaces, skipping out on a Duke game watching gathering. Gasp! Face of horror!

I'd seen them open twice, for Sleater-Kinney and British Sea Power, and was kind of taken with them from the start. I ended up buying their album Gallowsbird's Bark and ever since, have been a firm fan. I was delighted to see them pop up on some of those unavoidable 'best-of' lists a couple months ago and hopefully their fan-dom is growing. They're not a hype or fad band, and with a sort of 'no shit' aura. Unique sound. Alls I can come up with to describe is bluesy rockish carnival music.

They played a great show. Rock Nonstop... one song leading into another. The new songs are filling my anticipation bucket for their upcoming album, Blueberry Boat and everything sounded different from their album version which was cool. Actually, I wish I could get a recording of that show cuz the live versions were so interestingly different. That's hard to do!! praise praise praise. They took everything super fast though, and while the frenetic pace added a really great energy and drive to the show, I wished they had some more mellow moments, which did happen a few times when it was just Matt and Eleanor on stage.

They're going to be in the UK for awhile but check them out when they come back to the States because I said so. Man I'm really unentertainingly uncreative tonight. I blame it on my unfulfilled chocolate craving. Forget sublimation.

Setlist and review of Northsix show

live show review from the Guardian.

interview from FREEWilliamsburg from a month back. I add them to Ted Leo onto my running imaginary want-to-be-friends artist list though I think it'd be much more difficult with them.

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