Tuesday, March 16, 2004

ossify and apostasy, all in one song

hello. it's been awhile. et tu brute? Did you beware the Ides of March? I certainly didn't.

hmm. What's been interesting lately? hmmmm. continue humming. it's supposed to relax you. if you're a bird. look there she goes again, her brain's on a roll down the hill.

Ok back to sanity (wild laughter). Went to see the fabulous mister Ted Leo a couple days ago at Maxwell's in Hoboken, NEW JERSEEEEEEY. I love how Ted has all this NJ pride. It just reinforces and validates mine and you know how I love my daily dose of Validation .. the new purple pill! New Jersey is cool because we never pretend to be cool. Ted Leo just seems like the nicest coolest guy and he's smart! because of course everybody mentions his intense vocabulary. Shout out to my Momz for making me study all those thousands of SAT vocab flashcards! Those words DO come into use! Take that Apocryphal and Dirigible! One day you may end up on some cool song! Yeah, so I'm mainly a Star-Friender. Not a Star-Fucker. I just want to befriend all the cool people. Isn't that a healthier attitude to have anyway? So be my friend, and I'm asking in a way that's not pathetic and needy.

How I get off track. But the show was great. Ted Leo and his Pharmacists (the girl wasn't there) put on a good show cuz well, they play amazingly! The logic wins out, I'm afraid. Smart, Intensely Energetic, and Damn Catchy. My three adjectives. They played all my favs from the latest album Hearts of Oak and all my other favorites cuz they're all my friendsssssss. Erm, maybe you should download a song or something.

We Ragazzi and French Toast opened. French Toast bored me. We Ragazzi I liked actually but I can't find their site or any mp3s that match the liking I felt at the show. Maybe they're one of those bands better live. I dunno. Do you? I like their name, it sorta rolls out nicely like the word 'acetaminophen'. Although I think 'ragazzi' means 'girls' in italian and the lead singer's a guy. how's that for funny.

Currently listening to and enjoying: Mirah - Advisory Committee (Thanks Deepal! )

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