Tuesday, March 02, 2004

I Like Young People

Lately, I've been feeling crummy, slogging my way through days like they were buttons. First one, then the next. Blahblahblah what's new? But Young People's War Prayers shines its way through my speakers, rebuking my bad button metaphors and uplifting my sloggy days.

Young People plays haunting, evocative tunes that recall the folk songs of Americana or Ireland. Situated far from over-quaint or the artsy-fartsy, the folk and rock aspects actually mesh, producing a collection of graceful, sly, and toe-tapping tracks. (There. That mash of adjectives is why I cannot write about music. Try try again. Slog slog)

Katie Eastburn's unadorned but beautifully expressive voice is in a way showcased with the guitar and percussion sometimes stepping back entirely. Some tracks take an almost hymn-like quality, and others romp around. With poetic imagery of the sky, stories of abandonment and love, Young People hit on joy, melancholy, wonder, recklessness, and mourning. With lyrics like: can't find the graveyard/in time/ we all travel light/I sing because I am happy/ I sing because I am free -- I can't help but put War Prayers in my cd player every morning to help me start the day.

Check Young People out for mp3s and tour dates.

Buy War Prayers despite my inability to express how much I like this music. Uniqueness! And their name doesn't start with "The"!

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