Wednesday, March 03, 2004

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Hee. Funny essay: How Blogs Are Ruining My Life. How much of my time has been wasted checking my bloggy dailies? Whatever. My own site is only evidence of how uncool I am and to give my fellow procrastinator friends some letters mashed together to feed their habit. But otherwise, I echo the very humorous Whitney Pastorek: "join with me in saying NO! NO to letting them diminish our self-worth! NO to letting them drag us out to flash mobs! Turn your faces to the sun! Stand and fight!"

Radiohead makes kids want to cry or put glue in their ears instead of their mouths. Children just don't seem to like what's hip in rock these days. dakka dakka dakka. The Morning News turns the tables around to weigh in on how children's music makes them feel.

And finally, Prefix interviews The Walkmen. Fun and amazing fact: Ham is even taller than Conan! I didn't think that was possible!

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