Thursday, March 04, 2004

Cafe-Hopping: Part II

The search for non-Starbucks alternatives abound... if you know where to look.

We shall focus today on a relatively new place, which according to their website still has the paint drying. Located in Chelsea (403 W. 24th St. off of 9th Ave), Matchbox, as its name so aptly implies, is a small, cosy space with an artsy diy feel to it. There's lots of artwork on the walls and cool jewelry and crafts that both decorate and are on sale. Four tables plus a nice pillow-ful window seat area. Lightings a bit dim but they have votives on the tables and I'm always a sucker for those. My french roast was decent and the baked goods seemed to be pretty popular. Lots of people seemed to stop in for to-go orders and I'm not sure if it ever gets bustling. It's a nice quiet stop for those who want to lounge and read but also a good stop-over for Chelsea gallery-trekkers to refuel or wind down.

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