Thursday, February 19, 2004

tragedy! indie! cake!

I want chocolate cake! Aaaanyhoo, program activity for today was too much class and a play -- Agamemnon by Aeschylus. I have to say, putting on an ancient greek play and pulling it off is difficult. and the Aquila Theatre company managed pretty okay-well. Oh man, just look at those cutting critical skills I have. "Okay-well" will get me into the NY Times for sure. But that's not the point today.

Moving on. Since I have been feeling a certain concert dearth and the hot show in town, that being Franz Ferdinand, being oh so stylishly sold out... I decided to forego meals out tomorrow and go to the Knitting Factory to hear groups I don't know at all. I missed the first opener and came in the middle of the next set: Young People . I liked what I heard. They're kinda indie (does that mean anything anymore?) rock folk songy, sometimes even hymn-ish sounding something. I'm so good with the words. The lead singer, Katie, kinda reminds me of Cat Power, and she had this sort of amusing sardonic expression the whole time she was singing. They did interesting stuff with little. A cool kind of simple. Disturbingly peaceful, peacefully disturbing? Or some ironic combination like that.

Here's an mp3 or two:
Young People - Ne'er Do Well <-- i like this one a lot.
Young People - El Paso

The headliner was actually The Gossip which was fun, even exciting, but a bit repetitive. Gritty punky bluesy female fronted strong shriek-y three piece. Personally, not the type of music I'd go out and buy and listen to obsessively. But I totally have to give them credit for putting on a fun show, getting the audience to dance and move about while one guy next to me informs his friend that indeed, he showered today. Singer, Beth, was very cutely endearing with her southern twang, although she did repeat about twelve times that it was her birthday. She told this anecdote about nina simone saying that janis joplin's demise came from just continually giving and giving to corpses and that the music can't happen with corpses in the audience. I'm totally mangling the story. I'm a story butcher with wordish blood all over my hands.

And with that lovely image (it's all that greek murder your children and eat them mentality creeping into my conscious)... I shall leave your lovely eyes. fin

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