Tuesday, February 17, 2004

confetti! champagne!!

Well, now that I've finished off a bag of slightly-singed kettlecorn, I thought it was about time to get this website party started. So what if it's one of those sad parties where the people all smile their crest white strip smiles and chat bubbily to hide their crying inside? So what?

Life is busy. Brain appears to be busy. But mostly with questions like Where did that $20 go? and What did I have for lunch? I know the depth is just amazing. And of course the Great Big Unavoidable Question: What are you going to do after you graduate? I just sort of poke at that like some sort of weird large bug before I run away in fear and disgust. Oh Youth!

So, I haven't exactly been taking advantage of the wonders of NYC, missing concerts and stuff left and right. Remedying that will depend on not giving into the wily seduction of Sleep. Haven't seen an incredible number of good theater or otherwise artsy-fartsy stuff very lately, but there are some shows (Avenue Q, Doug Varone and Dancers, umm I can't think of anymore right this second) that stand out which I may write about in my charming unskilled way.

But anyways, buckle your seatbelts, the internet lethargarian is back in business. Still working out layout stuff.. but hopefully there will be interesting or funny or ramblings that might tickle your procrastinating fancy.

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karla said...

wooo! she's back. the lethargian is back! sound the trumpets!